Quantum Coupled-Spin Models  

In General > s.a. coupled-spin models / Bath; Husimi Functions; modified quantum mechanics.
@ General references: Nachtergaele qp/04-en [intro]; Bruce NCB(07) [description in non-relativistic quantum mechanics]; Dür & Van den Nest PRL(11)-a1106 [connection between ground states and classical thermal states]; Bachmann & Nachtergaele PRB(12)-a1112 [vacua with boundary states]; Ueltschi JMP(13)-a1301 [random loop representations]; Keating et al CMP(15)-a1403 [spectra and eigenstates]; Bachmann & Bluhm a1508 [local factorization of the dynamics].
@ Computation: Marzuoli & Rasetti AP(05); Kay & Ericsson NJP(05)qp; Bravyi et al CMP(08)-a0707 [algorithm for ground state energy]; Gottesman PiC-a0911 [and computational complexity]; Tserkovnyak & Loss PRA(11); Schachenmayer et al PRX(15) [semiclassical method].
@ Quantum correlations: Nachtergaele et al JSP(06); Campbell et al PRA(11)-a1105; Zhang et al AP(11); Sarandy et al IJMPB(13)-a1208 [ground state of spin chains]; Kastoryano & Eisert JMP(13) [mixing and decay of correlations]; Kliesch et al PRX(14)-a1309 [in thermal quantum states].
@ Partition function: Murg et al PRL(05)cm; Gillespie JCP(13) [sampling-the-mean (non-Monte-Carlo) random sampling]; De las Cuevas JPB(13)-a1312 [quantum information approach]; Mann & Helmuth a2004 [polynomial-time approximation algorithm].
@ Phases: Ueltschi PRE(15)-a1406 [the curious nematic phase of S = 1 quantum spin systems]; Erdős & Schröder MPAG(14)-a1407 [phase transition in the density of states].
@ Related topics: Netony & Redig JSP(04) [large deviations]; Paramekanti & Marston JPC(07)cm/06 [SU(n) models]; Crawford CMP(07) [mean-field, thermodynamics and universality]; Nachtergaele & Sims in(09)-a0712 [locality]; O'Hara & O'Leary PRA(09) [large ground-state energy gaps]; Hamma et al PRD(10)-a0912 [quantum Bose-Hubbard model as model for emergent spacetime]; Movassagh & Edelman PRL(11)-a1012 ["isotropic entanglement" method]; > s.a. non-extensive statistics; quantum theory in phase space [qubits]; renormalization.

Entanglement > s.a. entanglement.
@ General references: Xu et al PLA(02) [1D chain]; Bose & Chattopadhyay PRA(02) [jumps]; Schliemann PRA(03)qp/02 [two spins]; Brennen & Bullock PRA(04)qp [1D chain, thermal state]; Dür et al PRL(05)qp/04 [long-range interactions]; Aharonov et al PRA(04) [two spin-1/2]; Roscilde et al qp/04-conf [critical systems]; Gühne et al NJP(05); Hamieh & Katsnelson PRA(05)qp [dynamics]; Biskup et al CMP(07)mp/05 [finite T]; Sreedhar MPLA(07)ht/06 [topological origin]; Perseguers et al PRA(08)-a0708 [pure states, entanglement distribution]; Plastina & Apollaro PRL(07)-a0712 [local control]; Hotta JPSJ(09)-a0803 [energy teleportation]; Alba et al JSM(09)-a0909 [excited states]; Amico & Fazio JPA(09)-a0911 [and magnetic order]; Zippilli et al PRA(13)-a1302 [surface entanglement, in arbitrary geometries and dimensionalities]; Cui & Mintert NJP(15)-a1407 [disordered spin chains, long-distance entanglement].
@ Graph states: Hein et al PRA(04)qp/03, qp/06-proc [intro].
@ And criticality, phase transitions: Brody et al qp/01; Wei et al PRA(05)qp/04; Roscilde et al PRL(04)cm [s = 1/2 chains]; Gu et al NJP(06)qp/05 [XXZ models]; Reuter et al PRS(07)qp/06 [geometric phases]; Cui et al PLA(08) [3D Heisenberg model]; Znidaric et al PRA(08) [complexity of thermal states]; > s.a. phase transitions and quantum phase transitions.

Dynamics, Classicality > s.a. coherent states; localization; markov processes; zeno effect.
@ Semiclassical: Fröhlich et al LMP(07)-a0709; Giraud et al PRA(08)-a0805 [classicality]; Ribeiro & Paul PRA(09) [near the critical classical energy]; Sławianowski et al JGSP(11)-a1007, JGSP(11)-a1008 [quasiclassical limit for large quantum numbers]; Davidson & Polkovnikov PRL(15)-a1406 [spin-1, SU(3) representation].
@ Spin + bath: Tessieri & Wilkie JPA(03); García-Palacios & Dattagupta PRL(05)qp; Hamdouni & Petruccione PRB(07)-a0710; Merkli et al AP(08)-a0804; Rodríguez & Gutiérrez a0806 [non-Markovian dynamics]; Sinaysky et al PRA(08)-a0807 [two baths at different temperatures]; Bozat & Gedik SSC(08)-a0808 [mediated by phonons]; Schliemann PRB(10)-a0902; Castagnino et al JPA(10)-a1001 [many spins + bath]; Yuan a1005 [and thermalization]; Bhaktavatsala Rao et al PRL(11)-a1012 [generation of macroscopic quantum-superposition states]; Semin et al PRA(14)-a1401; > s.a. decoherence.
@ Information propagation / storage: Osborne & Linden PRA(04); Cappellaro et al PRA(07)-a0706; Yoshida AP(13)-a1111 [storage capacity]; Rafiee et al PRA(13) [effect of noise on qubit transfer fidelity]; Jonckheere et al QINP-a1408 [information transfer fidelity].
@ Related topics: Grünbaum et al JMP(13) [and classical birth and death processes]; Fagotti JPA(17)-a1608 [in non-interacting spin chains, and currents].

Specific Models > s.a. coupled-spin models; quantum systems; spin-foam models; Spin Liquid.
* Spin ice: A magnetic substance that does not have a single minimal-energy state, because of frustrated interactions; > s.a. Disordered Systems; monopole phenomenology; Wikipedia page.
@ References: Takada & Nishimori JPA(16)-a1602 [dissipative quantum spin systems]; Martin et al PRX(17) [spin ice, disorder and correlations].

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