Mach's Principle  

In General > s.a. dark matter; gravitational constant; tests of general relativity [Lense-Thirring]; inertia.
* Qualitative idea: Inertial reference frames are determined by the overall matter distribution (named after Ernst Mach by Albert Einstein); One solution of the rotation problem (why on large scales inertial frames seem not to rotate relative to the average matter distribution in the universe).
* Quantitative version: Formulated by Cocconi & Salpeter, along Einstein's lines; Inertial mass is defined in terms of the total mass distribution; The proposal can be tested by experiments that measure preferred frame effects, which would be produced by deviations from a uniform mass distribution.
* Strong form: Spacetime does not exist without matter.
* And mass / inertia: Inertia may be direction-dependent, if the universe is anisotropic; The rest mass of a particle in the Universe can be taken to be a measure of its long-range collective interactions with all other particles inside the horizon.

And Gravity > s.a. emergent gravity; gravitational thermodynamics.
* Prediction: In addition to inertia possibly being direction-dependent, the gravitational constant G may vary with t.
* In general relativity: Although Mach's principle was one of the main motivations behind Einstein's formulation of general relativity, it is incorporated only in part in the final theory; Distant stars affect geometry, but flat, empty space still has an affine structure; Dynamically, it can be formulated in a precise way in terms of the integral form of Einstein's equation (> see formulations).
* In quantum gravity: We don't know yet, but it may be incorporated better than in general relativity, if the vacuum corresponds to gab = 0.
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And Other Theories
* Models: Realized in relational models (> see particle models), like the Barbour-Bertotti ones (> see parametrized theories).
@ References: Gryb PRD(09)-a0901 [and Barbour-Bertotti proposal, gauge theory].

References > s.a. mass; Newton's Bucket.
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