Early-Universe Baryogenesis  

In General > s.a. CPT symmetry; phenomenology of higher-order gravity.
* Idea: As a process, baryogenesis refers to the production of baryons in the early universe; Often, however, the term refers to the fact that many more baryons (matter) are observed than antibaryons (antimatter).
* Matter-antimatter asymmetry: The predominance of matter over antimatter in the observed universe; Sakharov's conditions for it are: (i) Baryon number violation; (ii) C and CP violation; (iii) Departure from thermal equilibrium; It would have happened in the GUT or electroweak era.
* Origin: 2004, Unknown, but theoretical advances and experimental limits have ruled out some scenarios; For example, any explanation within the Standard Model (including the sphaleron baryogenesis at the electroweak phase transition) now seems to be ruled out as insufficient, but its supersymmetric extensions offer promise; 2010, Proposal by Davoudiasl et al using a hypothetical X particle of a hidden sector.
* Predictions: The baryon-to-photon ratio nbaryons / nphotons = 10−9±1, conserved (see above).

@ Reviews: Dolgov PRP(92) [after the GUT era]; Burles et al PRL(99)ap [sharpening]; Quinn PT(03)feb [history]; Trodden Pra(04)hp/03-proc, hp/04-ln; Schwarz AdP(03)ap [0 < t < 1 s]; Cline AS(04); Dine & Kusenko RMP(04)hp/03; Buchmüller a0710-conf [and dark matter]; Di Bari et al NJP(13) [focus issue].
@ And QCD: Sinha IJMPA(14) [QCD phase transition in the microsecond-old universe, and quark nuggets as possible relics]; > s.a. QCD phenomenology.
@ Electroweak baryogenesis: Trodden RMP(99)hp/98, hp/98; Quirós JPA(07); Morrissey & Ramsey-Musolf NJP(12).
@ Leptogenesis: Alexander et al PRL(06)ht/04 [in inflation, from gravitational waves]; Buchmüller et al AP(05) [for pedestrians], ARNPS(05)hp; Cosme et al PRD(05) [and dark matter?]; Davidson et al PRP(08) [rev]; Anisimov et al AP(11)-a1012; Di Bari CP(12)-a1206 [introductory review]; Hambye NJP(12)-a1212 [and the baryon asymmetry]; Fong et al AHEP(12)-a1301; Alexander IJMPD(16)-a1604-proc [and inflationary birefringence]; Adshead et al PRD(18)-a1711 [gravitational leptogenesis]; > s.a. CP violation.
@ Baryon asymmetry: Davoudiasl et al PRL(10) [through X particles of hidden sector]; Co & Harigaya PRL(20) + news sn(20)mar [from rotation of QCD axions].
@ Gravitational baryogenesis: Dolgov et al ap/00/PRD, Bugaev et al PAN(03)ap/01 [from primordial black holes]; Alexander et al PRL(06)ht/04 [from gravitational waves in inflation]; Davoudiasl et al PRL(04) [gravitational CPT violation]; van der Post & Prokopec hp/06 [in Brans-Dicke theory]; Hamada et al MPLA(08)-a0708 [by quantum gravity]; Saaidi & Hossienkhani ASS(11)-a1010 [Bianchi-I model of dynamical CPT breaking]; Lambiase et al IJMPD(13)-a1310 [and leptogenesis]; Odintsov & Oikonomou EPL(16)-a1610 [from lqc].
@ Other theories: Tian a1511 [in power-law f(R) gravity].
@ Related topics: Buchmüller & Fredenhagen PLB(00) [Kadanoff-Baym equations]; Carmona et al MPLA(06)ht/04 [without departure from thermal equilibrium]; Kobakhidze hp/04-wd [anomaly-induced]; Panchapakesan ap/05 [cosmological constant and varying constants]; Cui & Sundrum PRD(13)-a1212 [and WIMPs]; > s.a. dark-matter models; modified electrodynamics [matter-antimatter asymmetry].

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