Computational Physics – Specific Areas  

Classical Mechanics > s.a. Boltzmann Equation; formulations of classical mechanics.
@ Books: Greene 95 [Maple]; Wilkins 99; Lynch 09 [dynamical systems, Maple]; Hoover & Hoover 11 [irreversibility, chaos]; Malthe-Sørenssen 15 [II, Python]; Hentschke 17 [Mathematica].
@ General references: Timberlake & Hasbun AJP(08)apr; Skokos & Gerlach PRE(10)-a1006, Gerlach & Skokos a1008-proc [variational equations of Hamiltonian systems, symplectic integration]; Ripperda et al ApJS(18)-a1710 [relativistic particle integrators]; Takato & Vallejo MCS(19)-a1805 [packages for symbolical, numerical and graphical analysis].
@ Simple systems: Müller & Frauendiener AJP(13) [charged particles constrained to a curved surface]; Bensky & Loelter AJP(13)mar [bead on a wire].
@ Non-linear systems: Enns & McGuire 00 [with Maple], 01 [with Mathematica]; Steeb 08; Morante & Vallejo EJMT-a1301 [chaotic systems with Maxima].
@ Thermodyamics and statistical mechanics: Newman & Barkema 99 [Monte Carlo]; Tobochnik et al AJP(05)aug [T and chemical potential, Monte Carlo]; Krauth 06; Tobochnik & Gould AJP(08)apr; Tuckerman 10; Sander 13 [with Python]; Erban PRS(14) [molecular and Brownian dynamics, multi-scale approach]; Binder & Heermann 19 [Monte Carlo]; Landau & Binder 21 [Monte Carlo]; > s.a. Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution; statistical mechanics [simulations].

Field Theories > s.a. dirac fields; lattice theory.
@ General references: Ehrlich 95; Peeters ht/07, Brewin CPC(10)-a0903 [Cadabra, symbolic and tensor algebra]; > s.a. coordinates.
@ Wave equations: van Putten PRD(97)gq [non-linear, general relativity]; Iriondo & Reula PRD(02)gq/01 [spherical scalar]; Rossmanith et al JCP(04) [hyperbolic systems on curved manifolds]; Visher et al JCP(04) [1+1, stable high-order discretization]; Anderson & Kimn CP(07) [spacetime finite-element approach]; VanWyk 08 [and differential equations in general]; Bernardini & Pirozzoli JCP(09) [Runge-Kutta method]; > s.a. computing languages [Matlab].
@ Maxwell theory: Cockburn et al JCP(04) [Galerkin method]; Rieben et al JCP(05) [unstructured grid]; Collino et al JCP(06) [mesh refinement for FDTD solution]; > s.a. electromagnetism in curved spacetime; magnetism [magnetohydrodynamics].
@ Fluids: Zheng et al JCP(05) [multiphase flow, adaptive]; Zanotti & Dumbser CPC-a1312 [special-relativistic hydrodynamics]; Radice et al CQG(14)-a1312 [general-relativistic hydrodynamics]; Chung 14; Tucker 16; Sengupta et al ed-16 [transitional and turbulent flows]; Williams & Lind a2006 [smoothed particle hydrodynamics, quantum computing]; Hinch 20 [introductory]; > s.a. H-Theorem; turbulence.

Gravity-Related Areas > s.a. numerical relativity and models in numerical relativity; regge calculus; Symplectic Integrators.
@ General references: MacCallum IJMPA(02) [computer algebra]; Vulcanov & Vulcanov cs/04-conf, Lake phy/05 [Maple + GrTensorII libraries]; Moylan et al gq/05-MG10 [GRworkbench]; Tertychniy a0704 [GR_EC]; Shirokov a0711 [GRACOS code]; Luminet JPCS(14)-a1309 [overview and examples]; Wainwright et al JCAP(14)-a1312 [bubble collisions]; Hahn & Angulo MNRAS(16)-a1501 [adaptively refined phase-space element method]; > s.a. geometry; newtonian gravity.
@ Astrophysics: Spurzem ap/97-proc [N-body systems]; Kalashnikov gq/01 [Maple]; Evans et al PRD(05) [relativistic, adaptive mesh]; Spera a1411-proc [N-body systems, using Graphics Processing Units]; Boekholt & Portegies Zwart a1411 [N-body systems, reliability of simulations]; Stein JOSS(19)-a1908 [Kerr quasinormal modes].
@ Cosmology: Moldenhauer et al AJP(13)jun-a1212 [open-source computational tools for cosmological simulations]; > s.a. cosmic strings.
@ Quantum gravity: Ambjørn et al 97; Hamber gq/98; Glaser & Steinhaus Univ(19)-a1811 [Nordita workshop]; > s.a. quantum regge calculus.

Quantum Theory > s.a. pilot-wave interpretation; quantum mechanics [texts]; schrödinger equation.
@ General references: Feagin 94 [Mathematica]; Horbatsch 95 [Maple]; Ishikawa JPA(02) [accurate method]; Dowling et al JCP(07)qp/05; Hirayama & Holdom CJP(06)ht/05, et al CJP(06)hl/05 [classical simulation]; Latorre JPA(07) [and entanglement entropy]; Schuch et al NJP(08) [simulating quantum evolution]; Dakic et al PRL(08) [simulating quantum measurements with hidden-variable states]; Anastassi & Simos PRP(09) [multistep methods]; Steeb & Hardy 10 [computer algebra]; Dubeibe IJMPC(10)-a1005 [wave-packet evolution]; Schmied a1403-ln [using Mathematica].
@ Quantum simulation: Jordan et al QIC-a1112 [scattering in scalar quantum field theories]; Georgescu et al RMP(14); Muller & Blume-Kohout ACSN(15)-a1507 [rev]; Whitfield et al PRA(16)-a1605 [fermionic systems]; Hirayama a1912 [quantum field theory, classical simulation]; Farrelly & Streich a2002 [discretization of quantum field theories].
@ Specific systems: Hastings PRB(07)-a0706 [1D systems at finite temperature]; Cabrera et al PRA(16)-a1409 [spin-1/2 relativistic open quantum systems undergoing decoherence].
@ Event-by-event simulations: De Raedt a0712-conf; De Raedt et al PhyE(09)-a0908.

Related Topics
@ Other areas: Hocquet & Wieber a1811 [computational chemistry, hist].
> Techniques: see computational physics; monte carlo method; programming languages [e.g., Maple, Mathematica, Matlab].
> Subjects: see combinatorics; condensed-matter physics; integral equations; random and stochastic process.

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