Probability in Quantum Physics  

In General > s.a. foundations; interpretations; hidden variables; many-worlds interpretation; pilot-wave theory; quantum mechanics.
* Role: Probabilities are an essential part of the interpretation, obtained from inner products (0 ≤ cos2θ ≤ 1).
* Idea: Probabilities do not behave like in classical physics; The basic objects for questions Q are probability amplitudes A(Q), from which the probabilities are calculated as P(Q) = |A(Q)|2; Quantum probability is a variant of contextual probability.
* Calculation: In general, when an event can occur in several different ways, its probability amplitude is the sum of those for the individual ways (interference),

A(Q) = ∑i A(Q, i) ;

However, if an experiment is capable of determining which alternative is followed, then interference is lost; For example, if Q is a question whose answer depends on what the system does up to a time t, then

P(Q) = ∑x |A(x at tf, a)|2 = |A(Q)|2 ,    where    tf > t .

* Remark: Independence on t in the above calculation is equivalent to unitarity; One point of view is that probability doesn't change in time; We often ignore the fact that when we talk about time dependence we're talking about different experiments.
* QBism: Quantum Bayesianism or the quantum-Bayesian approach to quantum theory, the personalist Bayesian view of probability in quantum theory; This view is widely held in general but not by many physicists; Some physicists who have argued for it are Caves, Fuchs, Schack, and Mermin (Don Page thinks that there are both frequentist and personalist probabilities); It has profound implications for the meaning of quantum mechanics.
> Related topics: see Probability Current; Wigner's Friend.

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