AdS-Conformal Field Theory Correspondence  

AdS-Cft Correspondence in General > s.a. anti-de sitter space / higher-order gravity; non-commutative field theory.
* Idea: There is a conjectured T-duality between physics in the bulk of AdS and a conformal field theory in the boundary; Gravitational physics in 5D anti-de Sitter space is equivalent to a supersymmetric SU(N) Yang-Mills theory, with large N, defined on the boundary of AdS; It seems to work for some more general spacetimes too; 2015, One consequence is that the reach of Einstein's theory has been extended, because one can use methods from gravitational physics to calculate quantities in other areas of physics–for example Green's function on black-hole background spacetimes and superconductivity.
* Motivation: It can be seen as a special corner of string theory where a complete non-perturbative picture is available; In itself this corner does not have realistic physics, but it provides important "existence proofs" for the feasibility of combining gravity and quantum theory.
* Probes: The best-known example is the relation between minimal surfaces in the bulk and entanglement entropy of a subregion in the CFT.
* Maldacena conjecture: A holographic relationship between field theory in 2+1 anti-de Sitter spacetime and a boundary conformal field theory, or between N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory in Minkowski spacetime and type IIB string theory compactified on AdS\(_5^~\) ⊗ S5.

Theories and Related Concepts > s.a. duality [gauge/gravity duality]; geometrodynamics; lattice field theory; QCD; Rarita-Schwinger Theory.
* Hole-ography: A prescription relating the areas of surfaces in an AdS bulk to the differential entropy of a family of intervals in the dual cft.
@ General references: Behrend et al PLB(98)ht [classification]; Gegenberg & Kunstatter PLB(00)ht/99 [5D Chern-Simons]; Lavrinenko ht/99 [Chern-Simons bulk/supergravity boundary]; Minces & Rivelles PLB(99)ht [Chern-Simons bulk]; Förste et al ht/00-proc [supersymmetric Yang-Mills, Wilson loops]; Rooman & Spindel CQG(01)ht/00; Bellucci et al PRD(02)ht; Sezgin & Sundell NPB(02)ht [higher spin].
@ Lower-dimensional: Campoleoni & Fredenhagen PLB(13)-a1307 [3D, higher-spin charges of conical defects]; Eberhardt et al a1911 [3D]; > s.a. 2D gravity.
@ Scalar field: Minces & Rivelles NPB(00)ht/99; Das et al PRD(01)ht.
@ And gravity: Horowitz & Polchinski in(09)gq/06 [rev]; Freidel a0804 [3D bulk, quantum gravity]; Gomes et al EPJC(13)-a1105 [and shape dynamics]; Engelhardt & Fischetti CQG(15)-a1507 [constraints on hole-ography]; > s.a. holography; supergravity [lqg-type quantization].

References > s.a. black holes and information; tensor networks [AdS/MERA correspondence].
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@ Phenomenology: Sachdev ch(11)-a1002 [in condensed-matter physics]; Dardashti et al a1810 [Planck-scale physics, quark-gluon plasmas].
@ Related topics: Horowitz & Myers PRD(99)ht/98 [positive energy]; Witten & Yau ATMP(99)ht [connectedness of boundary]; Minces NPPS(04)ht [boundary conditions]; Ribeiro BJP(05)gq-proc [asymptotic Noether charges]; Young PhD-a0706; Gottschalk & Thaler a0709 [infrared problem]; Gary & Giddings PRD(09)-a0904 [and flat space S-matrix]; issue LMP(12) [integrability]; Chowdhury IJMPD(15)-a1405 [ambiguity and limitations]; Matsueda a1208 [information-geometrical perspective]; > s.a. Bach Tensor; Giant Magnons; graviton [scattering]; holography [codimension-2].

dS-Cft Correspondence > s.a. kerr spacetime.
@ General references: Bousso et al PRD(02)ht/01 [massive scalar]; Klemm NPB(02)ht/01; Strominger JHEP(01)ht; Abdalla et al PRD(02) [and spacetime perturbations]; Dyson et al JHEP(02); McInnes NPB(02) [vs AdS-cft]; Kabat & Lifschytz JHEP(02)ht [entropy]; Klusoň CQG(03); Guijosa & Lowe PRD(04)ht/03.
@ Phenomenology: Strominger JHEP(01)ht [inflation]; Larsen et al JHEP(02)ht [and cmb].
@ 2D: Ness & Siopsis PLB(02)ht; Cadoni et al PRD(02)ht.

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