Relativistic Quantum Mechanics  

Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity > s.a. causality in quantum theory; formalism; history of quantum theory; quantum theory in curved spaces.
* Hardy's theorem: The hidden variables of any realistic theory of quantum measurement, whose predictions agree with ordinary quantum theory, must have a preferred Lorentz frame.
* Shimony's peaceful coexistence: Bell's theorem suggests that quantum physics is fundamentally non-local; Yet, entanglement cannot be used for practical non-local signalling; This amounts to a peculiar "conspiracy" in the laws of physics.
* Semi-relativistic form: The wave equation is the Salpeter equation, and the Hamiltonian is of the form

H = β (m2 + p2)1/2 + V(r) .

@ Reviews, books: Bjorken & Drell 64; Bethe & Jackiw 68; Fanchi AJP(81)sep [review and critique]; Landau 96; Strange 98 [including condensed matter]; Capri 02; Strocchi FP(04) [and quantum field theory]; Fanchi FP(05) [introduction]; Pilkuhn 05; De Sanctis a0708 [and Dirac equation]; Ohlsson 11; Horwitz 15; Padmanabhan EPJC(18)-a1712 [and quantum field theory]; Pauchy Hwang & Wu 18.
@ Quantum mechanics and Poincaré invariance: Dieks & Nienhuis AJP(90)jul; Cohen & Hiley FP(96); Berg qp/98 [and measurement]; Percival PLA(98)qp, qp/99 [measurement]; Stefanovich FP(02); Stuckey et al PE-qp/05 ["Relational Blockworld"]; Polyzou et al FBS(11)-a1008-conf [rev]; Seevinck a1010-conf [compatibility]; Blackman a1310 [action at a distance and causality]; Mamone-Capria JFAP-a1704 [historical]; Butterfield a1710 [peaceful coexistence?].
@ General references: Dirac RMP(49); Dutheil & Lochak AFLB(91); Caban & Rembieliński PRA(99)qp/98 [preferred frame]; Treumann PS(02); Semenov PhD(02)qp [phase-space formulation]; Gill & Zachary JMP(02) [Feynman's operator calculus]; Mangiarotti & Sardanashvily JMP(07)qp [different reference frames]; Krotov a0804; Kryukov JMP(08), JMP(10)-a1005 [unifying framework]; Krotov a0903 [wave function]; Kauffmann a0909 [for solitary non-zero-mass particle]; Kastner a1002 [transactions and Tumulka's "flash ontology"]; Cabrera et al a1107 [in Hilbert space]; Bateson JPCS(12) [causal-net approach]; Simulik a1509 [canonical]; Tsai & Poirier JPCS(16)-a1605 [quantum wavepackets in the trajectory-based formulation]; Leegwater a1811 [against relativistic, unitary, single-outcome quantum mechanics]; Fröhlich a1912-in [operator-algebraic framework].
@ And time: Shapiro JPA(08)-a0802 [proper-time evolution equation]; Bauer a1605 [time operator].
@ Realism and Lorentz invariance: Comborieu & Vigier PLA(93) [compatible]; Marchildon PhyE(10)-a0902-conf; > s.a. realism.
@ Hidden-variable versions: Horton & Dewdney JPA(01)qp [non-local]; Nikolić a1010 [almost local], a1205-ch [based on many-time wave functions and the spacetime probabilistic interpretation].
@ Interpretation: Cosgrove gq/96 [single-particle]; Nikolić IJMPA(07)qp/06 [probabilities and spacetime foliations]; Gorobey et al a1012 [probabilistic]; > s.a. foundations.
@ EPR correlations, paradox: Ghose & Home PRA(91); Zbinden et al PRA(01); Tiwari PRA(02)qp/01; Kim & Son PRA(05)qp/04 [Lorentz-invariant]; O'Hara qp/06; Albert & Galchen SA(09)mar [and non-locality]; Caban et al PRA(09)-a0904 [strange behavior].
@ Classical limit: Silenko a0910-conf; Silenko PPNL(13)-a1302 [in the Foldy-Wouthuysen representation].
@ Related topics: Greenberger PRL(01) [non-relativistic limit]; Rembieliński & Smoliński EPL(09)-a0910 [test for existence of preferred frame]; Gisin a1002 ["true becoming" and the Free Will Theorem]; Falciano et al FP(10) [geometric formulation]; Yuan et al NPJQI(15)-a1412 [entanglement and the benefits of ctc's without violating causality]; > s.a. Bethe-Salpeter Equation; Correspondence Principle; Galilean Group; Simultaneity; uncertainty principle.

Systems and Phenomenology > s.a. composite systems [many-particle systems]; entanglement phenomenology; path integrals; types of states.
@ Multiple particles: Mattes & Sorg JPA(99) [two]; Beck & Sorg FP(07) [2- and 3-particle systems]; Lienert et al JPCS(17)-a1702 [N particles, multi-time]; Giachetti & Sorace AP(19)-a1810 [two interacting particles].
@ Types of systems: Kim & Noz qp/03-conf [oscillator]; Nagiyev & Guliyeva PLA(09) [particle in a homogeneous external field]; Alba et al JPA(13)-a1107 [two-level atom]; Kim a1112-proc [boosted hydrogen atom]; Al-Hashimi & Shalaby a1406 [δ-function potential]; Calmet & Dunningham PRA(17)-a1703 [qubit, transformation properties and entanglement]; Polyzou PRC(19)-a1809 [particles of arbitrary spin].
@ Phenomenology: Khachidze & Khelashvili AJP(06)jul [Coulomb problem, additional symmetries and conserved quantities]; Beck et al a0704 [positronium ground state]; Azfar 15 [scattering and particle physics]; Kamuntavičius a1302 [relativistic corrections to energy spectra]; Alavi & Giunti EPL(15)-a1412, Urbanowski a1504 [decay law for relativistic particles]; > s.a. molecular physics; oscillators.

Variations and Related Topics > s.a. fractals [paths]; hidden-variable theories; pilot-wave theory; tachyons; tunneling; wave-function collapse.
@ Salpeter equation: Hall et al IJMPA(03)ht/02 [discrete spectra].
@ Parametrized relativistic quantum theory: Fanchi FP(01) [implements non-locality].
@ Causal quantum theory: Roy & Singh MPLA(95)hp/94; Kent PRA(05)qp/02.
@ In different reference frames: Mashhoon LNP(06)ht/05 [accelerated frames]; Mangiarotti & Sardanashvily JMP(07) [formalism].
@ Semi-relativistic quantum mechanics: Hall & Lucha JPA(05) [eigenvalues]; Hall JPA(06) [non-local potentials]; Rosenau & Schuss PLA(11)-a1007.
@ In non-inertial frames: Alba IJMPA(06); Klink & Wickramasekara AP(14)-a1303 [and violations of the equivalence principle].
@ Spacetime versions: Hartle in(98)gq/97, in(98)gq [generalized quantum mechanics]; Rudolph PRA(99)mp/98; Anastopoulos JMP(01)qp/00, FP(01)qp/00 [histories-based]; Reisenberger & Rovelli PRD(02)gq/01; Marolf & Rovelli PRD(02)gq [measurement]; Krasnoholovets qp/02-conf; Hartle IJTP(06)gq/05-in; Corbett & Durt qp/05; Olson & Dowling a0708 [unitarity, realism]; Wallace & Timpson BJPS(10)-a0906; Herczeg & Waldron PLB(18)-a1709 [generally covariant quantum mechanics on 'phase spacetime']; > s.a. histories quantum mechanics.
@ Relativistic spin operators: Bauke et al NJP(14)-a1303; Choi & Cho a1410; Zou et al a2003 [Foldy-Wouthuysen representation]; Taillebois & Avelar a2008 [intrinsic]; > s.a. quantum particles.
@ Other topics: García Álvarez & Gaioli IJTP(97)ht/98 [based on de Sitter group]; Habara et al IJMPA(06)ht/05 [supersymmetric, relativistic]; Fournais & Sørensen CPDE-a0811 [pseudorelativistic model of atoms]; Bender & Mannheim PRD(11)-a1107, Beygi et al PRA(19)-a1904 [PT symmetric]; Dvoeglazov proc(15)-a1511 [tensor fields, notoph and photon, and gravitational field equations].
> Related topics: see modified quantum theory [non-hermitian]; non-linear quantum mechanics; phase-space formulation; quantum effects [time of arrival, state diffusion]; time in quantum theory [quantum mechanics without predefined time].

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