MOND and Astrophysics / Cosmology  

In the Milky Way Galaxy > s.a. MOND; gravitating matter [relativistic stars]; gravitational lensing.
@ General references: Famaey & Binney MNRAS(05)ap; Iocco et al PRD(15)-a1505 [constraints from kinematic tracers]; Hees et al MNRAS(15)-a1510 [combined constraints and viable transition functions].
@ Solar system constraints / tests: Sanders MNRAS(06)ap; Bekenstein & Magueijo PRD(06)ap; Iorio JGPO(08)-a0711; Iorio ASS(09)-a0906 [from the external field effect]; Milgrom MNRAS(09)-a0906 [planetary and spacecraft motions]; Sokaliwska et al MNRAS(10)-a1007 [motion of distant objects]; Blanchet & Novak MNRAS(11)-a1010, a1105-proc [external field effect and secular precession of planet perihelia]; Galianni et al PRD(12)-a1111; Exirifard IJMPD(13)-a1112 [lunar laser ranging]; Mozaffari a1112/CQG, a1404; Hees et al PRD(14)-a1402 [radio tracking of the Cassini spacecraft]; Ignatiev CJP(14)-a1408 [Earth-based tests]; Paučo & Klačka A&A(16)-a1602 [Sedna and comets].
@ Stars and stellar systems: Nipoti et al EAS(10)-a0811 [N-body simulations of collisionless stellar systems]; Lasky et al PRD(08)-a0811 [neutron stars]; Lasky PRD(09) [neutron stars and black holes]; Hernández et al EPJC(12)-a1105 [wide-orbit binaries]; Margalit & Shaviv MNRAS(16)-a1505 [transverse motion of stars]; > s.a. black-hole quasinormal modes.
@ Globular clusters: Scarpa et al A&A(03)ap, IAU-ap/03, AIP(06)ap, A&AL(07)ap/06, Mess(07)-a0707; Jordi et al AJ(09)-a0903; Gentile et al A&A(10)-a0911 [Palomar 14]; Scarpa & Falomo A&A(10)-a1006 [velocity dispersion in Omega Centauri]; Sanders MNRAS(12)-a1107, a1111 [NGC 2419].
@ Other constraints: Scarpa et al ap/02-conf; Sahni & Shtanov IJMPD(08)gq/06 [proposed artificial planetary system APSIS]; Páramos & Bertolami gq/06-conf; Iorio & Ruggiero IJMPA(07) [double pulsar].

Other Galaxies > s.a. acceleration [universal acceleration scale]; emergent gravity; galaxies [no need for MOND].
@ General references: Nusser MNRAS(02)ap/01; Milgrom & Sanders MNRAS(05)ap/04 ["halo" phenomenology]; Tiret & Combes A&A(07)ap [evolution]; Famaey et al MNRAS(07)ap [galactic escape speed]; Sanders & Noordermeer MNRAS(07)ap [seems to work]; Wu et al ApJ(07)-a0706 [stability]; Sanders MNRAS(08)-a0712 [formation]; Milgrom NAR(08)-a0712-conf; Cardone et al MNRAS(11)-a1011 [velocity dispersion]; Hernández et al ApJ(13)-a1212 [halo density profiles]; Milgrom PRL(12)-a1211 [deep-MOND parameter], MNRAS(14)-a1212 [laws of galactic dynamics]; Randriamampandry & Carignan MNRAS(14)-a1401 [MOND vs dark matter]; Milgrom PRD(15)-a1412 [secular effects]; Thies et al a1606-conf [simulating disk galaxies]; Rodrigues et al nAstr(18)jun-a1806 [no fundamental acceleration scale in galaxies].
@ Rotation curves: Gentile et al A&A(11)-a1011 [highest-quality available]; Edmonds et al ApJ(14)-a1308; Milgrom a1703 [high redshift]; Petersen & Frandsen a1710 [vs dark matter]; Marra et al MNRAS-a2002 [no consistent acceleration scale].
@ Types of galaxies: Scarpa ap/05/MNRAS [ultra-compact dwarves]; news BBC(11)feb [gas-rich galaxies]; Richtler et al A&A(11)-a1103 [ellipticals]; McGaugh PRL(11), Moffat & Toth a1103 [Tully-Fisher relationship for gas-rich galaxies, MOG and MOND]; Milgrom PRL(12)-a1205 + news pw(12)oct [X-ray ellipticals]; Bílek et al CJP(14)-a1407 [shell galaxies]; Combes A&A(14)-a1409, a1501-in [bulge formation in disk galaxies]; Milgrom PRL(16)-a1607 [disc galaxies].
@ Specific galaxies: Corbelli & Salucci MNRAS(07)ap/06 [M31 & M33, seems not to work]; Wu et al MNRAS(08)-a0803 [and LMC]; Samurović & Ćirković A&A(08)-a0811 [NGC 4649]; Milgrom a1104 [void galaxy KK246]; Sánchez-Salcedo & Hidalgo-Gámez a1105 [inconsistent with the rotation curve of Holmberg-II]; Bílek et al A&A(13)-a1309 [shell galaxy NGC 3923]; Milgrom a1802 [NGC 628]; Kroupa et al Nat-a1903 [NGC1052-DF2 is consistent with MOND].
@ Satellites and galaxy clusters: Milgrom ApJL(98)ap [galaxy groups]; Nipoti et al MNRAS(07)-a0705 [merging simulations]; Klypin & Prada ApJ(09)-a0706 [satellites of galaxies, MOND fails]; Tiret & Combes a0712-proc [interactions]; Shi a0903, a1101 [Local Group galaxies]; Angus & Diaferio MNRAS(11)-a1104 [simulations with massive neutrinos]; Bekenstein & Sanders MNRAS(12)-a1110 [gravitational redshifts in galaxy clusters]; McGaugh & Milgrom ApJ(13)-a1301 + news ea(13)feb [velocity dispersion in Andromeda dwarf spheroidals]; Lüghausen et al MNRAS(14)-a1404 [Milky Way dwarf satellites]; Milgrom MNRAS(15)-a1508 [ultra-diffuse cluster galaxies]; Hodson & Zhao A&A(17)-a1701 [Extended MOND and missing mass in galaxy clusters]; Milgrom PRD(18)-a1810, PRD-a1811 [in galaxy groups]; Benisty & Guendelman a2007 [Local Group galaxies].

Cosmology > s.a. dark-matter phenomenology and types; entropic gravity.
@ General references: Lue & Starkman PRL(04)ap/03; McGaugh ApJ(04)ap/03 [WMAP results]; Hao & Akhoury IJMPD(09)ap/05 [dark matter and dark energy]; Slosar et al PRD(05)ap [and Boomerang results]; Sanders EAS(06)ap/05 [rev]; Halle a0710-rp [and ether]; Szydłowski et al a0712-proc [cosmic expansion]; Kiselev & Timofeev CQG(12)-a1104 [cosmological generalization, with dependence of a0 on the size of the region]; Kiselev a1204 [and cmb anisotropy]; Kroupa et al IJMPD(12)-MG13; Famaey & McGaugh a1310-conf [rev]; Sanders 16.
@ Structure formation: Knebe IAP-ap/05 [simulations]; Candlish MNRAS(16)-a1605 [velocity field]; Tan & Woodard a1804 [in non-local MOND].
@ Relationship with dark matter: Dunkel ApJ(04)ap [as limit of Newtonian + dark matter]; Milgrom & Sanders ApJ(08)-a0709 [dark-matter-like ring]; Ferreras et al PRL(08)-a0709 [need for dark matter]; Shariati & Jafari a0710; Sanders a0806-conf; Tiret & Combes A&A(09)-a0901 [implications of dark baryons]; McGaugh CJP(15)-a1404 [MOND and LCDM].

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