Quasilocal Formulation of General Relativity  

Dynamics and Canonical Formulation > s.a. action; canonical general relativity [including boundary terms].
@ General references: Szabados CQG(09)-a0902 [framework, and gauge invariance of boundary terms].
@ Energy-momentum: Lau CQG(93)gq [symplectic]; Husain & Major NPB(97)gq [bounded regions]; Kijowski GRG(97); Major CQG(00) [quantum]; Chen & Nester G&C(00)gq; Booth & Fairhurst CQG(03)gq [Hamiltonian]; Szabados CQG(06)gq/05 [boundary conditions]; Lau IJMPD(07) [generalized Chen-Nester expressions]; McGrath et al CQG(12)-a1206 [the need for quasilocal conservation laws]; Oltean et al a2006-GRF [boundary densities]; > s.a. quasilocal energy.
@ Covariant symplectic form: Chen et al PLA(95)gq/94; Chen & Nester CQG(99)gq/98; Anco & Tung JMP(02), JMP(02).
@ From variation of action: Brown & York PRD(93); Booth & Mann PRD(99)gq/98 [non-orthogonal boundary]; Brown et al PRD(99)gq/98 [small spheres], AP(02)gq/00; Booth PhD-gq/00 [canonical].
@ 2+2 formulation: Epp gq/95 [double null]; Grant & Moss PRD(97)gq; Yoon CQG(99)gq/00 [spherical symmetry], PLA(01)gq/00 [conservation laws], PRD(04) [no symmetry]; Yoon a1306 [physical time and Hamiltonian reduction]; Yoon CQG(14) [Hamiltonian structure and constraint algebra]; Oh et al a1607 [finding exact solutions].
@ Black holes: Frolov & Martinez gq/94, CQG(96)gq/94; Booth CQG(01)gq [isolated horizons]; Krishnan ch(14)-a1303 [quasi-local horizons].
> Related topics: see angular momentum; conservation laws; higher-order theories.

Specific Types of Spacetimes
@ Black holes: Bose & Naing PRD(99)ht [rotating]; Dehghani & Mann PRD(01)ht [Kerr and Kerr-AdS spacetimes, thermodynamics]; Lundgren et al PRD(07)gq/06 [inside a horizon].
@ Axisymmetric: Martinez PRD(94)gq [Kerr]; Zaslavskii CQG(95).

References > s.a. approaches to quantum gravity; gravitational thermodynamics; laws of black-hole thermodynamics; null infinity.
@ General references, reviews: Lau PhD(94); Chang et al gq/99-proc; Szabados LRR(04), LRR(09); Anco JMP(07)gq/04.
@ Relationships: Horowitz & Tod CMP(82); Bose & Dadhich PRD(99)gq; Fatibene et al JMP(01)gq/00.
@ Ashtekar / spinorial variables: Mason & Frauendiener pr(89); Lau CQG(95)gq/94, CQG(96)gq/95.
@ With matter: Ikumi & Shiromizu GRG(99)gq/97; Booth & Mann PRD(99)gq, AIP(99)gq [electromagnetism + dilaton]; > s.a. gravitating matter.
@ Related topics: Szabados CQG(94) [and 2D connections]; Bose & Lohiya PRD(99)gq/98 [conformal transformations]; Garattini IJMPA(99)gq/98, ht/98-proc [quantum corrections]; Brown et al PRD(97)gq/96 [null limit]; Szabados CQG(08) [tetrad approach, global topological obstructions].

Localization and Local Densities > s.a. gravitational energy; stress-energy pseudotensors.
@ General references: Xulu PhD(02)-ht/03.
@ Small sphere limit of quasilocal: Brown et al PRD(99)gq/98.
@ Localization: Jezierski & Kijowski GRG(90); Nester CQG(91); Yoon gq/94; Maluf JMP(95)gq.
@ Densities: Brown & York PRD(93); Lau CQG(96)gq/95.
@ Special spacetimes: Dereli & Tucker CQG(04)ht [plane waves].
@ In teleparallel equivalent: Maluf JMP(96)gq [de Sitter space]; Maluf et al JMP(96)gq [rotating black holes].

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