Asymptotic Flatness at Null Infinity  

In General > s.a. asymptotic flatness / Peeling; Penrose Diagram.
* Idea: The description here is slightly more involved than that at spatial infinity, but it is more interesting, partly because one can study dynamics; it is more "differential", as opposed to algebraic.
$ Def: A vacuum spacetime (M, g) is said to be asymptotically flat at null infinity if there exists an asymptote, a spacetime (M', g'), with boundary \(\cal I\) ("scri"), such that
(1) \(\cal I\) can be written as \(\cal I\) ∪ \(\cal I\)+, with \(\cal I\)+J[int(M)] = \(\cal I\)J+[int(M)] = Ø;
(2) There is a neighborhood of \(\cal I\) which is strongly causal;
(3) The metrics are conformally related, g'ab = Ω2 gab, \(\Omega|_{\cal I}\) = 0, ∇a \(\Omega|_{\cal I}\) ≠ 0 (gives Ω ~ r−1 near \(\cal I\)), g'abab \(\Omega|_{\cal I}\) = 0.
* Metric: The metric one gets is degenerate – it is better to work with concomitants than covariant derivatives.
* Curvature: A convenient field to define, substituting the Ricci tensor, is Sab:= Rab − \(1\over6\)R gab.
* Coordinate: In practice, use some advanced or retarded null coordinate u, and x, whose inverse measures affine length along integral curves of du; Then x = 0 is past/future \(\cal I\).
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Symmetries: The BMS Group (Bondi-Metzner-Sachs) > s.a. symplectic structures; vacuum states.
* Idea: The symmetry group at null infinity; It consists, in some sense, of the Lorentz group and the infinite-dimensional supertranslation group (name by Sachs), but the former is not uniquely defined; there is a unique 4D subgroup of the supertranslation group that can be identified with asymptotic translations, but the notion of pure rotation or pure boost, without supertranslation ambiguities, in general does not exist.
* Structure: It is the semidirect product of the group of conformal mappings on the Riemann sphere S and the vector space (abelian group!) of smooth real-valued functions on S [@ Geroch & Newman JMP(71)]; While in higher dimensions the symmetry algebra realizes the Poincaré algebra, in 3 and 4 spacetime dimensions it contains infinitesimal supertranslations, that have been known since the 1960s, and infinitesimal superrotations.
* Re boundary conditions: One does not know of simple conditions to impose to reduce it to the Poincaré group, like the vanishing of the magnetic part of the Weyl tensor in the case of spatial infinity.
* Generators: A vector field X on \(\cal I\) is a generator of the BMS group if, for some scalar field k on \(\cal I\) satisfying \(\cal L\)n k = 0,

\(\cal L\)X qab = 2 k qab ,   \(\cal L\)X na = −k na .

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Dynamics: Conserved Quantities and News > s.a. energy in general relativity / conservation laws.
* Idea: The infinitesimal generators of the BMS group are associated with fluxes of conserved quantities at \(\cal I\).
* Conserved quantities: One can define the Bondi 4-momentum.
* Bondi news tensor: The tensor Nab at \(\cal I\), which measures the amount of energy-momentum carried to infinity by gravitational waves.
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