Primordial Black Holes  

In General > s.a. early-universe cosmology [baryogenesis]; gamma-ray astronomy [GRBs].
* Idea: Black holes that form from the collapse of super-critical fluctuations in the early universe.
@ Reviews: Carr eConf-ap/05, ap/05-proc; Sasaki et al CQG(18)-a1801.
@ General references: Bousso & Hawking PRD(95)gq, G&CS(98)gq/96-proc; Liddle & Green PRP(98)gq-proc; Custódio & Horvath PRD(98)ap; Jedamzik PRP(98)ap [stellar mass]; Widerin & Schmid ap/98-proc, ap/98 [QCD transition]; Green & Liddle PRD(99)ap, et al PRD(04) [mass fraction]; Custódio & Horvath CQG(03)gq [and holography]; Harada & Carr PRD(05)ap/04 [size limits]; Khlopov RAA(10)-a0801; Mirbabayi et al JCAP(20)-a1901 [spin].
@ Formation: Niemeyer ap/98-proc, Niemeyer & Jedamzik PRD(99)ap [numerical]; Hawke & Stewart CQG(02); Musco et al CQG(05)gq/04 [numerical]; Hidalgo a0708/JCAP [effect of non-Gaussian curvature perturbations], PhD(09)-a0910 [in non-linear perturbation theory]; Musco & Miller CQG(13)-a1201 [critical behavior and self-similarity]; Frampton MPLA(16)-a1511 [mass range]; Deng & Vilenkin JCAP(17)-a1710 [by vacuum bubbles]; Casadio et al GRG(19)-a1810; Liu et al PRD(20)-a1908 [from cosmic domain walls]; Meissner & Nicolai a2101 [and growth, comprehensive picture].
@ Observability of radiation: Ukwatta et al AIP(09)-a0901 [spectral lag of Hawking-radiation bursts]; MacGibbon et al a1503-proc; Ukwatta et al a1507-conf, APP(16)-a1510 [the final few seconds, using the Standard Model of particle physics]; Carr PRD(16)-a1604 [constraints from galactic gamma-ray background]; Rovelli nAstr-a1708 [Planck stars as exploding sources]; Chen & Huang JCAP(20)-a1904 [vs astrophysical black holes].
@ Other bounds: Custódio & Horvath PRD(02)ap/01; Bugaev & Konishchev PRD(02)ap; Roncadelli et al a0901/PRL; Lehoucq et al A&A(09)-a0906 [galactic gamma rays]; Kopp et al PRD(11)-a1012 [(no) bound from separate-universe formation]; Carr et al a2002 [update]; Bœhm et al JCAP(21)-a2008 [30-100 solar masses].
@ Related topics: Stojković & Freese PLB(05) [solution of monopole problem]; Chisholm PRD(06) [clustering]; Kesden & Hanasoge PRL(11) [transient solar oscillations]; Dwivedee et al JAA(14)-a1110 [evolution in lqg]; Luo et al ApJ(12)-a1203 [seismic consequences on Earth]; Carr a1402-proc [quantum effects in the early universe]; Vilenkin et al JCAP(18)-a1808 [interaction with cosmic strings]; > s.a. phenomenology of brans-dicke theory; solar planets [Planet 9].

And Cosmology > s.a. cosmological perturbations; scalar-tensor theories.
* As dark matter: 2014, The latest constraints show that they cannot be the dominant dark matter constituent.
@ General references: Carr & Goymer ap/00-proc [models]; Patel & Fuller ap/00-proc [and phase transitions]; Carr ap/01-proc [varying G]; Polarski PLB(02)ap/01 [accelerating universe]; Guedens et al PRD(02)ap, PRD(02)ap [brane cosmology]; Ricotti et al ApJ(08)-a0709 [effect on cmb and parameter estimation]; Anantua et al PRL(09) [grand-unification scale, and consequences]; Carr et al PRD(10)-a0912; Prokopec & Reska JCAP(11)-a1007 [effect on scalar perturbation spectrum]; Scardigli et al PRD(11)-a1009 [expansion and cmb]; Carr & Coley IJMPD(11)-a1104 + news physorg(11)may, Carr et al a1704-GRF [persistence through bounces]; Carr et al MNRAS-a1904 [from the QCD epoch], PDU(21)-a1906.
@ And gravitational-wave background: Saito & Yokoyama PRL(09)-a0812; Bugaev & Klimai JETPL(10)-a0911, PRD(11)-a1012; Dong et al JCAP(16)-a1511; Cleese et al a1812 [future detection]; Diego PRD(20)-a1911 [lensing of gravitational waves]; De Luca et al JCAP(20)-a2005 [LIGO/Virgo data].
@ And cmb distortions: Tashiro & Sugiyama PRD(08); Pani & Loeb PRD(13)-a1307.
@ As dark matter: Blais et al PLB(02)ap; Afshordi et al ApJ(03)ap; Chen ap/03; Nozari & Mehdipour MPLA(05)-a0809 [remnants]; Khriplovich & Produit IJMPD(07) [and radiation]; Becker et al a0905-conf [in our galaxy]; Frampton et al JCAP(10); Hawkins MNRAS(11)-a1106 [stellar-mass]; Griest et al PRL(11) [microlensing events]; Carr et al PRD(16)-a1607 [and inflation]; Frampton MPLA(17)-a1705-conf [Primordial Intermediate-Mass Black Holes (PIMBHs)]; Vidotto a1811-PoS [signature of decay into white holes]; Laha PRL(19)-a1906 [constraints]; Carr & Kühnel ARNPS(20)-a2006; Banks & Fischler a2008.
@ As dark matter, constraints: Capela et al PRD(13) [from star formation]; Capela et al PRD(13) [from capture by neutron stars]; Pani & Loeb JCAP(14)-a1401; Clesse & García-Bellido PDU(17)-a1603 [from gravitational wave detectors]; Garriga & Triantafyllou JCAP(19)-a1907 [merger rate of PBH binaries]; Laha et al PRD(20)-a2004 [INTEGRAL constraints].

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