Axioms for Quantum Theory  

In General
* Conventional approach: One possible set (adapted from slides by W Zurek) is
(1) The universe is made of systems.
(2) Each system has a Hilbert space; The Hilbert space of a composite system is the tensor product of the constituent ones.
(3) A pure state for a system is a vector in the Hilbert space of that system.
(4) The evolution of an isolated system is a unitary transformation on Hilbert space.
(5) Observables are associated with Hermitian operators on Hilbert space.
(6) The only possible outcome of a measurement is an eigenstate (and eigenvalue) of the operator.
(7) Probabilities of various outcomes are given by Born's rule.
* Information-theory approach: Hardy's 2001 work recast the issue in information-theory terms, based on "reasonable" operational axioms rather than formalism.
* Yakir Aharonov's idea: The conjecture that the two axioms of relativistic causality ("no superluminal signalling") and non-locality so nearly contradict each other that a unique theory – quantum mechanics – reconciles them; D Rohrlich adds a third axiom, the existence of a classical limit in which macroscopic observables commute.

References > s.a. causality in quantum theory; logic; origin of quantum theory.
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@ Quantum-gravity-motivated: Giddings PRD(08)-a0711.
@ From cryptography: Clifton et al FP(03)qp/02; Smolin qp/03; Halvorson & Bub qp/03.

Related Topics
@ Use of Hilbert space: de Ronde & Massri a1412 [inconsistency?].
@ Projection postulate: Ballentine FP(90); Kronz PhSc(92)mar; > s.a. wave-function collapse.
@ Linearity: Caticha PLA(98)qp, PRA(98)qp [need]; Aerts & Valckenborgh qp/02-in, qp/02-in [questioning]; Jordan PRA(06)qp/05 [assumptions]; > s.a. non-linear quantum mechanics.
@ For relativistic quantum theory: Kent PTRS(15)-a1411, PRA(17)-a1608 [realist, one-world, relativistic framework].
@ Other topics: Lahti IJTP(80) [uncertainty and complementarity]; Mould qp/05, qp/05, AIP(06)qp [auxiliary rules, nRules], qp/06 [covariance of nRules]; Nottale & Célérier JPA(07)-a0711 [from principles of scale relativity]; Stachow IJTP(80) [logic foundations]; de la Torre et al PRL(12)-a1110 [quantum theory from local structure and reversibility]; Budiyono & Rohrlich nComm(17)-a1711 [common framework with classical statistical mechanics]; Carcassi et al PRL-a2003 [deriving the tensor product postulate from the others].

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