Dark-Matter Models  

In General > s.a. vacuum phenomenology \ dark-matter types.
* Hybrid: We need both cold and hot dark matter to explain all observed features (unless one invokes a cosmological constant).
@ Hybrid: Primack & Klypin NPPS(96)ap; Gondolo ap/04-ln [non-baryonic].
@ Giant boson star, BEC as halo: Sin PRD(94)hp/92, Ji & Sin PRD(94); Lee & Koh PRD(96)hp/95; Böhmer & Harko JCAP(07)-a0705; > s.a. bose-einstein condensates.
@ Other warm dark matter: Abazajian & Koushiappas PRD(06)ap [constraints]; Viel et al PRL(06)ap [sterile neutrinos basically ruled out]; Smith & Markovic PRD(11)-a1103 [and large-scale structure]; de Vega & Sánchez a1304-conf [in galaxies, mass around 2 keV].
@ Monopoles: Evslin & Gudnason a1202 [galaxy-sized 't Hooft-Polyakov magnetic monopoles]; Khoze & Ro JHEP(14)-a1406 [dark sector with monopoles, vectors and photons]; Falomir et al MPLA(16)-a1603 [non-abelian].
@ Constraints, equation of state: Müller PRD(05)ap/04; Drexler ap/05; Serra & Domínguez MNRAS(11)-a1103.
@ Scalar fields: Matos et al CQG(00); Nucamendi et al PRD(01); Boehm and Fayet NPB(04); Matos et al MNRAS(09)-a0806 [with φ2 potential]; Briscese PLB(11) [complex, with self-interacting potential]; Huang et al IJMPA(14)-a1304; Ureña-López & González-Morales JCAP(16)-a1511 [rapidly oscillating, cosmological predictions]; Matos & Robles a1601-MG14 [self-interacting ultralight, BEC]; Tenkanen PRL(19)-a1905 [quantum fluctuations].
@ Non-interacting: Peebles & Vilenkin PRD(99)ap; Peebles ApJ(00)ap [scalar acting like a fluid].
@ Interacting: Floerchinger et al EPJwc(16)-a1609 [as a viscous fluid]; McDermott PRL(18) [dark fusion]; Ren et al PRX(19) [thermalized in galaxies].
@ Other proposals: Frampton MPLA(07)ap/06 [from conformality, quiver gauge theories]; Glinka gq/07-wd [non-separability of geometry-matter Lagrangian]; Arkani-Hamed et al PRD(09); Perelstein & Shakya JCAP(10)-a1007 [gamma rays]; Lusanna JPCS(11)-a1011 [relativistic inertial effect in general relativity]; Foot a1502 [dissipative dark matter, and galaxy rotation curves]; news gm(16)jan [inflatable dark matter]; Re EPJC(20)-a1906 [from retarded perturbed potentials]; > s.a. modified QED [at cosmological scales]; types of spinors [ELKO].

Modified Theories / Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model
@ General references: Cirelli et al NPB(06) [minimal addition to standard model]; van den Aarssen et al PRL(12) [new light particle coupling to dark matter particles and neutrinos]; news SciAl(17)mar [portal to the hidden sector]; Silva & Páramos CQG(18)-a1703 [non-minimal coupling between curvature and matter].
@ Supersymmetry, sparticles: Jungman et al PRP(96); Abbas IJPAP-ap/99; Ellis AIP(99)ap; Arnowitt & Dutta hp/02-conf, hp/02-conf; Cline ap/03-conf [search]; Matchev NPPS(04) [beyond the standard model: supersymmetry, Kaluza-Klein, scalar]; Babu et al PRL(07) [and baryon asymmetry]; Cao et al JHEP(10)-a1005; Gao et al MNRAS(12)-a1107 [detection prospects]; Heikinheimo et al NPB(13)-a1305; Fabbrichesi & Urbano PRD(16)-a1510 [minimal dark matter]; Olive a1510-proc [absence in LHC run I data]; > s.a. Gravitino; Neutralino.
@ Other particle physics: Banerjee et al MNRAS(03)ap/02 [quark matter]; Baltz ap/04-ln; Kirillov PLB(06)ap/05; Dvali et al JCAP(09)-a0903 [many copies of the standard model]; Dzhunushaliev et al a0912 [classical gauge field]; Kribs et al PRD(10)-a0909 [quirky dark matter]; Nozzoli APP(11)-a1103 [high-mass particles]; Hooper a1201 [10-GeV particles]; Fan et al PDU(13)-a1303, PRL(13) [Partially Interacting Dark Matter, forming disks]; Olive a1604-conf [non-supersymmetric grand unified theories]; Babichev et al JCAP(16)-a1607 [heavy spin-2 particle]; Garny et al JCAP(18)-a1709 [Planckian Interacting Dark Matter, PIDM]; Aaij et LHCb PRL(18) [no evidence for dark photons]; Alexander et al a2010 [higher-spin, s > 2].
@ Strings / M-theory: Bailin et al NPB(99).
@ MoNDian dark matter: Ng a1212-MG13; Edmonds et al ApJ(14)-a1407 [and galactic rotation curves].
> Other proposals: see matter [mirror matter]; particle physics [4th generation]; quaternions; tachyons; Unparticles.

From Modified Gravity or Quantum Gravity > s.a. bimetric gravity; conformal invariance; Mimetic Gravity; Non-Symmetric Geometry; torsion.
@ Higher-dimensional spacetime: Bertone et al PRD(03) [Kaluza-Klein, indirect detection]; Gani et al IJMPD(15)-a1509 [deformed compact space]; > s.a. higher-dimensional gravity.
@ Other modified gravity: Cembranos PRL(09)-a0809 [R2 gravity]; Hehl & Mashhoon PLB(09)-a0812, PRD(09)-a0902 [non-local gravity]; Østvang EPJP(13)-a1012 [quasi-metric gravity]; Rodríguez-Meza AiA(12)-a1112 [scalar-tensor theory]; Chamseddine & Mukhanov JHEP(13)-a1308 [conformal degree of freedom]; Böhmer et al IJMPD(18)-a1403; Kuhfittig ASTP-a1403 [f(R) gravity]; Choudhury et al EPJC(16)-a1512, APPB(16)-a1605-conf; Cembranos JPCS(16)-a1512; Roque & Barranco PRD(20)-a1912 [vs dark matter particles]; Pardo & Spergel PRL(20)-a2007 [constraints from large-scale structure].
@ Brane world: Cembranos et al PRL(03)hp [brane fluctuations]; Chatilloin et al PRD(06); Calmet & Kuntz EPJC(17)-a1702 [vs particle dark matter].
@ Quantum gravity: Fomitchev a1009; Kazinski a1501 [quantum gravitational anomaly]; Saravani & Aslanbeigi PRD(15)-a1502 [causal-set non-locality]; Saravani & Afshordi PRD(17)-a1604 [off-shell dark matter]; > s.a. spacetime geometry in quantum gravity.
@ Other proposals: Kirillov & Savelova PLB(08)-a0707 [gas of wormholes]; Asselmeyer-Maluga & Król Univ(20)-a2012 [gravitational solitons].

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