Generalized Kerr Solutions  

Kerr-de Sitter and Kerr-anti de Sitter > s.a. Kerr-Schild Solutions; tests of general relativity with light.
* Idea: Vacuum solutions to Einstein's equation with a cosmological constant representing rotating black holes in a constant-curvature background.
* Kerr-AdS: Small Kerr-AdS black holes have been shown to be unstable against both scalar and gravitational perturbations.
@ Kerr-dS: Agnese & La Camera PRD(00) [and Kerr-AdS]; Stuchlik & Slany PRD(04) [equatorial orbits]; Cvetič et al PRL(05)ht, JHEP(09)ht/05 [Euclidean, BPS limit → Einstein-Sasaki spaces]; Vasudevan & Stevens PRD(05)gq [particles and scalar fields]; Ghezelbash & Mann PRD(05) [mass, entropy]; Chen et al NPB(07), Hamamoto et al JPA(07) [with NUT charge]; Abbassi IJMPA(10); Akcay & Matzner CQG(11)-a1011 [horizon structure]; Poudel & Khanal a1309 [effective potential and geodesic motion]; Lake & Zannias PRD(15)-a1507 [global structure]; Hintz & Vasy a1606 [global non-linear stability]; Zannias GRG(18) [causality violation]; Gregory et al a2103 [evaporation, Unruh-Hawking-like vacuum state]; > s.a. optics [optical geometry]; spinning particles; types of geodesics.
@ Kerr-dS, other dimensionalities: Dehghani PRD(02)ht/01 [dS-cft]; Gibbons et al JGP(05)ht/04; Wu PLB(05)gq/04 [creation]; Mars & Peón-Nieto a2105 [characterization].
@ Kerr-AdS: Gibbons et al CQG(05)ht/04 [first law]; Cardoso & Dias PRD(04), Cardoso et al PRD(06)ht [instability]; Deruelle gq/05-conf [Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet, mass and angular momentum]; Cvetič et al PRD(05) [supersymmetric]; Kovář & Stuchlík IJMPA(06)gq [test particles]; Aliev PRD(07)ht [electromagnetic properties]; Müller & Aschenbach GRG(07)-a0704 [orbital velocity profiles, Aschenbach effect]; Holzegel CMP(10) [massive wave equation]; Hackmann et al PRD(10)-a1009 [geodesics]; McInnes NPB(12) [not fragile to pair-production of branes]; > s.a. Smarr Formula; thermodynamics [phase transition].
@ Kerr-AdS, other dimensionalities: Das & Mann JHEP(00)ht [conserved charges]; Deruelle & Katz CQG(05) [mass]; Deser et al CQG(05) [charges]; Chen et al NPB(06)ht, CQG(06)ht [Kerr-NUT-AdS].
@ Particle dynamics: Stuchlik & Slaný PRD(04)gq/03; Kraniotis CQG(04)gq; Vasudevan et al CQG(05)gq/04 [Hamilton-Jacobi and Klein-Gordon equations]; Kunduri & Lucietti PRD(05)ht [5D, Hamilton-Jacobi]; Iorio & Ruggiero JCAP(09) [gravitomagnetic effects].
@ Thermodynamics: Dehghani PRD(02) [and dS-cft]; Ding & Zhao IJGMP(04) [S]; Gibbons et al CQG(05)ht/04 [Kerr-AdS, first law]; Cho et al AP(10) [extremal Kerr-(A)dS, entropy]; Hajian GRG(16)-a1602 [conserved charges].
@ Kerr-NUT-AdS: Kubizňák & Frolov CQG(07)gq/06 [Killing tensors]; Page et al PRL(07)ht/06, Krtouš et al PRD(07)-a0707 [Killing-Yano tensor and geodesic integrability]; Griffiths & Podolský CQG(07)gq [parameters]; > s.a. black-hole perturbations.

Other Solutions > s.a. black-hole hair; black-hole solutions / kerr-newman spacetime; Wahlquist Metric.
* Kerr-Sen: An exact solution describing a rotating, charged, axisymmetric black hole, discovered by Sen in 1992.
@ General references: Dadhich & Patel JMP(00), Turakulov & Dadhich MPLA(01)gq [dual]; Burinskii PRD(03)gq/02 [non-stationary]; Klein TMP(03) [on Riemann surfaces].
@ Non-Kerr rotating black holes: Bäckdahl & Valiente Kroon PRS(11)-a1010 ["non-Kerrness"]; García-Parrado & Senovilla GRG(13)-a1211 [invariant quality factors measuring the deviation from the Kerr metric]; Johannsen PRD(13)-a1501 [with three constants of motion]; Jiang et al JCAP(15)-a1406 [distinguishing Kerr and non-Kerr black holes, iron line reverberation]; Ghasemi-Nodehi & Bambi EPJC(16)-a1604 [new parametrization for tests]; Abdolrahimi et al JCAP(15)-a1509 [distorted].
@ Double Kerr: Bonnor & Steadman CQG(04); Rueda et al CQG(05)gq [with one extreme object]; Herdeiro & Rebelo JHEP(08)-a0808; Manko & Ruiz PRD(15)-a1308 [two spinning sources in gravitational equilibrium]; > s.a. non-causal spacetimes.
@ Boosted: Burinskii & Magli PRD(00)gq/99, gq/00-MG9; Barrabès & Hogan PRD(03)gq [lightlike]; > s.a. numerical relativity models.
@ Kerr-NUT: Vaidya et al GRG(76); Dadhich & Turakulov CQG(02)gq/01 [uniqueness]; Nashed ChPL(08)-a0804 [Møller energy]; Houri et al PLB(08) [Kerr-NUT-de Sitter, all dimensions]; Preti & De Felice GRG(10); Mars & Senovilla a1307 [Kerr-NUT-AdS, characterization]; Lewandowski & Ossowski a2001 [Kerr-NUT-de Sitter, non-singular]; > s.a. killing tensors.
@ Kerr-Sen: Blaga & Blaga CQG(01) [radial geodesics]; Wu & Cai JMP(03)gq/01 [scalar field]; > s.a. black-hole thermodynamics.
@ In a cosmological background: Vaidya Pra(77), comment Cox PRD(03) [FLRW background].
@ Other similar metrics: Vaidya Pra(84); Chong et al PLB(05)ht/04 [Kerr-Taub-NUT-de Sitter]; Glass & Krisch gq/04; Kerner & Mann PRD(07)ht [Kerr-Gödel]; Bini et al CQG(09) [with arbitrary mass quadrupole]; Hackmann et al PRD(10)-a1006 [with cosmic string, geodesics]; Ghezelbash et al PRD(10)-a1008 [Kerr-Bolt spacetimes, hidden conformal symmetry]; Frutos-Alfaro a1401, IJAA(16)-a1509 [with quadrupole moment].

In Modified Gravity Theories > s.a. black holes in modified theories; Disformal Transformations; hořava gravity [no Kerr black holes]; scalar-tensor gravity.
@ General references: Gariel et al GRG(03) [deformed ergosphere]; Psaltis PRL(08)-a0801 [and tests]; Daszkiewicz & Walczyk ASTP(14)-a1411 [in canonically deformed space-time]; Bejarano et al EPJC(15)-a1412 [f(T) gravity].
@ Higher-dimensional: Horowitz in(09)gq/05; Sakaguchi & Yasui IJMPA(06).

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