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Phys 503 / 729: General Relativity and Gravitation
Fall 2015 – Lecture Notes

Note: The icon pdf is a link to a posted pdf file, while pdf grey indicates a topic for which lecture notes are not posted.
List of Available Files

Introductory Topics
pdf  L01. Newtonian Gravity. [last update 4 sep 2015]
pdf  L02. Special Relativity: Spacetime and Lorentz Transformations. [last update 12 sep 2015]
pdf grey  L03. Special Relativity: Tensors; Particle Dynamics in Minkowski Space.
pdf grey  L04. Special Relativity: Maxwell's Equations and Field Theory.
pdf grey  L05. Gravity as Geometry.

Differential Geometry
pdf grey  L06. Manifolds: Vectors, Tensors and the Metric.

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