Renormalization Group  

In General > s.a. renormalization / for applications, see specific types of theories and quantum gravity.
* History: The technique was developed in 1973 by Ken Wilson.
* Idea: A group of transformations on the (renormalized) parameters of a theory (mass, wave function, coupling constants) corresponding to changes of the renormalization conditions (subtraction point), under which the physics is required to be invariant.
* Applications: The invariance requirement provides non-trivial constraints on the asymptotic behavior of the theory; Renormalization group ideas are largely responsible for the considerable success achieved in developing a quantitative theory of phase transitions.
> Applications: see Disordered Systems; phase transitions; random walk; statistics.

Renormalization Group Equation > s.a. chaos [period-doubling bifurcation].
* Idea: It expresses the connection between scale transformations and renormalizability of a theory; Like a mathematical microscope, it allows us to look at very-small-scale physics from the behavior at larger scales.
* Callan-Symanzik equation: An analytic form of the renormalization group invariance; For λφ4 theory, it is

(μ ∂/∂μ + β ∂/∂λ) ΓR(n)(pi; λ, μ) = −i μ2 α Γφ^2 R(n)(0, pi; λ, μ) .

* Beta function: (or Gell-Mann-Low function).
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References > s.a. Emergence; higgs mechanism; types of metrics [information geometry].
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