Bianchi Type I Quantum Cosmology  

In General > s.a. bianchi I models; formalism and techniques; semiclassical quantum cosmology.
@ General references: Berger & Vogeli PRD(85) [vacuum, path integrals]; Chakraborty IJTP(92); Manojlović & Mena PRD(93)gq; Hervik CQG(00)gq; Pinto et al PLA(00) [isotropization]; Christodoulakis et al CQG(02)gq/01 [vacuum]; Alvarenga et al gq/02 [difference between interpretations]; Broda PLB(11)-a1107 [stability of isotropy]; Cherkas & Kalashnikov NPCS-a1302 [inhomogeneous]; Pal CQG(16)-a1504 [volume, scale factor and anisotropy]; D'Odorico & Saueressig PRD(15)-a1511 [asymptotic safety motivated corrections, phase transition]; Mandal et al CQG(20)-a1906 [renormalization group approach]; > s.a. gravitational thermodynamics; quantum cosmology.
@ Reduced-phase-space approach: Małkiewicz CQG(12)-a1105; Agostini et al PRD(17)-a1704 [and different approaches for quantization].
@ Affine quantization: Bergeron et al PRD-a1501; Małkiewicz a1512-MG14.
@ And singularities: Mann & Murphy IJTP(07) [apparent non-removal of singularity]; Ghosh et al MPLA(19)-a1809 [unitarity and singularity avoidance]; Kiefer et al EPJC(19)-a1903 [avoidance, with and without matter]; Małkiewicz PRD(20)-a1911 [and choice of time]; > s.a. singularities in quantum gravity.
@ With a scalar field: Calzetta PRD(91) [decoherence and anisotropy dissipation]; Bachmann & Schmidt PRD(00) [period-doubling bifurcation]; Folomeev & Gurovich G&C(00)gq, GRG(00); Ita CQG(08)-a0805, a0805/CQG [Kodama state]; Cianfrani et al PRD(10)-a1010 [isotropization].
@ With a fluid: Berger PRD(85), in(86) [path integral]; Alvarenga et al GRG(03) [loss of unitarity]; Moriconi et al PRD(16)-a1607 [dust and cosmological constant, bounce].
@ Supersymmetric: Macías et al CQG(87); D'Eath et al PLB(93), D'Eath PLB(94) [+ cosmological constant].
> Related models and topics: see models in canonical quantum gravity [inhomogeneous Bianchi I in reduced lqg]; quantum cosmology [conformal rotation].

In Loop Quantum Cosmology
@ General references: Cartin et al CQG(04)gq [generating functions]; Malecki PRD(04)gq; Cartin & Khanna PRL(05)gq [no pre-classical solutions], PRD(05)gq; Date PRD(05)gq [and Kasner singularity]; Connors & Khanna CQG(06)gq/05 [numerical pre-classical solutions]; Chiou PRD(07)gq/06 [+ scalar]; Chiou & Vandersloot PRD(07)-a0707 [and anisotropies]; Szulc PRD(08)-a0803; Martín-Benito et al PRD(08)-a0804 [vacuum]; Maartens & Vandersloot a0812; Ashtekar & Wilson-Ewing PRD(09)-a0903 [lqg and lqc]; Martín-Benito et al PRD(09)-a0906 [physical evolution]; Nelson & Sakellariadou PRD(10)-a0907 [instability]; Cailleteau et al PRD(09)-a0907 [ekpyrotic/cyclic model]; Martín-Benito et al PRD(10)-a1006; Campiglia et al PRD(10)-a1007 [perturbative expansion of transition amplitudes]; Artymowski & Lalak JCAP(11)-a1012 [vector fields and holonomy corrections]; Martín-Benito et al JPCS(12)-a1110; Singh PRD(12)-a1112 [curvature invariants and extendibility of geodesics]; Cianfrani et al EPL(12)-a1201 [implications of the SU(2) gauge fixing]; Singh JPCS(12); Fujio & Futamase PRD(13); Ashtekar & Campiglia CQG(12)-a1209 [uniqueness of holonomy-flux algebra representation]; Yue & Zhu CQG(14)-a1302 [with higher order holonomy corrections]; Gupt & Singh CQG(13)-a1304 [inflationary model]; Linsefors & Barrau CQG(14)-a1305 [modified evolution equation]; Ding & Zhang a1602 [(2+1)-dimensional]; García-Quismondo & Mena PRD(20)-a1911 [Dapor-Liegener formalism]; Agulló et al a2006.
@ Effective dynamics: Chiou a0812; Alesci et al PRD(19)-a1901.
@ Bounce: Chiou gq/07, PRD(07)-a0710; Gupt & Singh PRD(12)-a1206; Diener et al CQG(17)-a1701 [numerical simulations, and validity of effective dynamics].
@ And lqg: Bodendorfer PRD(15)-a1410 [quantum symmetry reduction]; Pawłowski PRD(15)-a1411 [explicit averaging of a subclass of spin-networks]; Beetle et al a2102 [reduction to homogeneous and isotropic sector].
@ Path-integral approach: Fujio & Futamase PRD(12); Liu et al CQG(13)-a1211.
@ Non-standard lqc: Dzierzak & Piechocki PRD(09)-a0909; Małkiewicz et al CQG(11)-a1010; Dzierzak PhD-a1104 [free a massless scalar field]; Dantas FP(13)-a1209 [integrable discrete Heisenberg spin chain approach].

In Modified / Different Theories of Gravity > s.a. Bergmann-Wagoner Theory; non-commutative cosmology.
@ With gup: Vakili & Sepangi PLB(07)-a0706; Farag Ali & Majumder CQG(14)-a1402 [minimal length and maximal energy].

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