QED in Curved Spacetime  

In General > s.a. dispersion; kerr-newman solutions; photon phenomenology; quantum fields curved spacetime; wave phenomena.
* Effects: It can lead to modifications of gab ka kb = 0, including both superluminal propagation and dispersion.
@ General references: Alvarez & Olive CMP(00) [flux quantization]; Ralph et al PRA(09)-a0809 [alternative formulation]; Pfenning CQG(09)-a0902 [arbitrary dimension]; Nouri-Zonoz & Nazari PRD(10)-a0904 [threading formalism and the spacetime index of refraction]; Gonçalves et al PRD(09)-a0906 [one-loop corrections to photon propagator]; Dappiaggi & Lang LMP(12)-a1104 [on an arbitrary 4D globally hyperbolic spacetime]; Urban et al a1106 [model for fluctuations and variation of c]; Donnelly & Wall PRD(13)-a1303 [unitarity of covariant Maxwell theory on curved spacetimes]; Maybee et al a1811 [physically motivated and explicitly gauge-independent scheme].
@ Black-hole spacetimes: Drummond & Hathrell PRD(80) [Schwarzschild, vacuum polarization and v > c]; Matyjasek PRD(97); Crispino et al PRD(01)gq/00 [static, Gupta-Bleuler quantization]; Altschul & Jackiw PLB(01) [near the Schwarzschild horizon]; Casals & Ottewill PRD(05)gq [canonical]; Emelyanov JPCS(17)-a1710 [Schwarzschild spacetime, loop effects].
@ de Sitter spacetime: Cotăescu & Crucean PTP(10)-a0806; Faci et al PRD(09)-a0910 [conformally covariant quantization]; Alencar et al IJMPA(12)-a1107 [light propagation].
@ Cosmological spacetimes: Sucu & Ünal IJMPA(02)gq/02 [FLRW models]; Jiménez & Maroto PLB(10)-a0903 [no Lorentz invariance on cosmological scales, and dark matter]; > s.a. FLRW models.
@ Other backgrounds: Furlani JMP(95) [static]; Dimock mp/02 [on T3]; Kelnhofer NPB(13) [compact, closed manifolds]; Finster & Strohmaier AHP(15)-a1307 [globally hyperbolic spacetime, Gupta-Bleuler quantization].
@ Green functions: Bimonte et al CQG(04)ht/03, in(04)mp/05.
@ Related topics: Shore CP(03)gq [birefringence, superluminal]; Hollowood & Shore PLB(07)-a0707 [violation of micro-causality]; Hollowood & Shore JHEP(08)-a0806, Hollowood et al JHEP(09)-a0905 [causal structure and refractive index]; Avramidi & Fucci JMP(09)-a0902 [low-energy effective action].

More General Backgrounds and Quantum-Gravity-Related Topics > s.s. theories on graphs.
* With CPT / Lorentz violation: There is a controversy about a possible Chern–Simons-like term generated through radiative corrections in QED with a CPT-violating term.
@ And gravity: Isham, Salam & Strathdee PRD(71), PRD(72); Bjerrum-Bohr PRD(02)ht [scalar QED, quantum gravity corrections]; Felipe et al PLB(11), Cynolter & Lendvai MPLA(14) [quantum-gravity contributions to the beta function]; Franson NJP(14)-a1111 [correction to the speed of light]; Felipe et al MPLA(13)-a1205 [ambiguities in the gravitational corrections to QED]; Mohan a1708 [modified gravity from QED back-reaction].
@ Other dimensionalities: Nogueira & Kleinert PRL(05)cm [2+1 condensed matter effective theory]; Boozer EJP(08) [1+1 toy model]; Iengo & Serone PRD(10)-a1003 [5D Lifshitz-like UV completion]; Pavšič PLB(12) [from 5D Wheeler-DeWitt equation].
@ With CPT / Lorentz violation: Jackiw & Kostelecký PRL(99); Chung & Chung PRD(01); Andrianov et al JHEP(02); Shore NPB(05)ht/04 [strong equivalence, tests]; Alfaro et al PLB(06)ht [consistency]; Bonneau NPB(07); Brito et al PLB(09)-a0906 [with massless fermions, high-temperature]; Li et al PLB(09); Kant et al PLB(09) [and black-hole thermodynamics]; Oliveira MSc(10)-a1007; Alexandre a1009 [dynamical photon mass generation]; Balachandran et al EPJC(15)-a1406 [measurable effects]; Bufalo IJMPA(14)-a1408 [3D]; > s.a. CPT symmetry; QED [at finite temperature]; renormalization.
@ Quantum-gravity motivated: Camacho GRG(03)gq, IJMPD(03)gq [with gup]; Gu PRA(13) [in a momentum-cutoff vacuum]; Collier a1710 [with maximum particle momentum]; > s.a. GUP.

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