Holography in Gravitation and Cosmology  

In General > s.a. gravitation; gravitational action.
@ General references: Maldacena SA(05)nov; Sotiriou & Liberati PRD(06)gq [field equations from surface action]; Padmanabhan IJMPD(06)gq-proc from semiclassical action]; Susskind a0710; Nitti MPLA(08)-a0801 [emergent 4D gravity, rev]; Mansi et al CQG(09)-a0808, CQG(09) [and initial-value formulation]; Anastopoulos & Savvidou CQG(14)-a1302 [self-gravitating systems in equilibrium]; Tian et al CQG(13) [in Einstein theory, entropy matching between bulk gravity and boundary fluid for any spacetime]; Banks a1311-ln; Dieks et al SHPMP(15)-a1501 [scenarios for gravity]; Goswami & Ellis CQG-a1511 [in general relativity, and type D vacuum spacetimes]; Asante et al a1811 [4D flat holography, boundary gravitons]; > s.a. AdS-cft correspondence.
@ 3D: Bagchi et al PRL(12) [3D flat-space chiral gravity]; Skenderis & van Rees CMP(11)-a0912 [3D wormholes]; Bonzom & Dittrich JHEP(16)-a1511 [from discretum to continuum].
@ Holographic spacetime: Banks a1109; Banks & Fischler a1310 [and Newton's law]; Engelhardt & Horowitz a1612-proc [recovering the spacetime metric]; Hintz & Uhlmann a1705 [reconstruction of Lorentzian manifolds from boundary light observation sets]; Nomura et al PRD(18)-a1705 [classical spacetimes as amplified information]; Banks a2001 [and quantum information]; > s.a. emergence.
@ Asymptotically flat spacetimes: de Boer & Solodukhin NPB(03)ht, Solodukhin ht/04 [Minkowski space]; Arcioni & Dappiaggi NPB(03)ht, CQG(04)ht/03; Dappiaggi et al RVMP(06)gq/05; Dappiaggi ht/05-proc; Marolf PRD(09)-a0808 [consequences]; Bagchi et al PRL(15) + news tuw(15)apr [entanglement entropy]; Laddha et al a2002.
@ Black holes: Rácz CQG(14)-a1307 [stationary]; Avery & Chowdhury a1312 [no holography for eternal AdS black holes]; Engelhardt & Fischetti CQG(15)-a1507 [limits to spacetime reconstruction in the presence of holographic screens]; Jahnke a1811 [quantum chaos].
@ Other phenomenology: Afshordi et al PRL(17)-a1607 [observational tests]; Chowdhury et al a2008 [observers near the boundary and bulk information].
@ Related topics: Livine & Terno NPB(09)-a0805 [entropic boundary law in BF theory]; > s.a. conservation laws; petrov classification.

And Cosmology
@ Cosmological constant: Myung PLB(04)ht/03; Banks IJMPA(10); Nastase a1812; > s.a. dark energy.
@ Other cosmology: Fischler & Susskind ht/98; Polchinski et al PRD(99)ht; Easther & Lowe PRL(99)ht; Kaloper & Linde PRD(99)ht; Bak & Rey CQG(00)ht/99 [strings]; Wang & Abdalla PLB(99)ht, PLB(00)ht/99 [2+1]; Banks & Fischler ht/01/JHEP; Carneiro gq/02; Vollick ht/03 [closed universes]; Banks & Fischler PS(05)ht/03-conf [3.0], ht/04-conf; Padmanabhan a1206, IJMPD(14)-a1405-GRF [holographic equipartition as driver of the dynamics]; Ng IJMPD(13)-a1305-GRF [as unifying theme for dark sector and critical galactic acceleration]; Afshordi et al PRD(17)-a1703 [and Planck data]; > s.a. higher-order gravity.
@ Early universe: Banks & Fischler PS(05)ht/04-GRF [dense black-hole fluid].
@ Inflation: Danielsson JCAP(03)ht; Lowe & Marolf PRD(04)ht [eternal]; McFadden & Skenderis JPCS(10)-a1002 [4D single-scalar inflationary universes].

In Quantum Gravity > s.a. spacetime geometry in quantum-gravity.
@ Lqg: Gambini & Pullin IJMPD(08)-a0708 [spherically symmetric]; Sargın & Faizal EPL(16)-a1509 [polymer quantization and violation of the holographic principle]; Smolin a1608 [relation between entropy and minimal area].
@ Other quantum gravity / cosmology: Smolin gq/95; Krasnov PRD(97)gq/96; Smolin PRD(00)ht/98; Balasubramanian & Kraus PRL(99)ht; Markopoulou & Smolin ht/99; Zizzi Ent(00)gq/99-conf; Biswas et al PLB(99) [stringy, pre-big-bang]; Hořava & Minic PRL(00)ht [Λ = 0]; de Haro PhD(01)ht; Pfeiffer PLB(04)gq/03 [triangulated quantum gravity]; Davis ht/04-wd; Padmanabhan BJP(05)gq/04-proc [and the Einstein-Hilbert action]; Canfora & Vilasi PLB(05)gq [hints from holography]; Banks a0909, a1007-ln [rev], IJMPD(15)-a1505 [and temperature-entropy connection]; Rashki & Jalalzadeh PRD(15)-a1412 [from Weyl-Wigner-Groenewold-Moyal deformation quantization formalism]; Park TMP(18)-a1506, JMP(16)-a1508 [holographic quantization]; Ng JPCS(17)-a1701 [and quantum spacetime fluctuations]; Raju a1903 [and the Wheeler-DeWitt equation in AdS space].

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