Black-Hole Binary Systems  

In General > s.a. black-hole solutions; star evolution [compact binaries]; supermassive and other types of black holes [stellar candidates].
* Status: 2012, There are no known double black hole or black hole-neutron star systems.
* In other theories: In scalar-tensor theories the equations of motion of non-spinning binary black holes to 2.5PN are the same as in general relativity (Mirshekari, Will et al), and a similar result is expected at higher order; There is a difference for ns-bh and ns-ns binaries.
@ General references: D'Eath 96 [dynamics]; Levin CQG(09)-a0907 [energy-level diagrams]; Healy et al PRL(09); issue CQG(11)#13; Le Tiec a1109-proc; Le Tiec et al PRL(11) [periastron advance]; Blanchet & Le Tiec CQG(17) [first law of compact binary mechanics]; Assumpção et al PRD(18)-a1806 [ergoregions, photon surfaces, wave scattering, quasinormal modes]; Barausse a1902-ln [phases, and modified gravity, pedagogical]; Bernard et al PRD(19)-a1905 [physics].
@ Approaches: Barausse & Buonanno PRD(10) [effective one-body Hamiltonian]; Le Tiec IJMPD(14)-a1408 [post-Newtonian formalism, black hole perturbation theory, numerical relativity simulations, and effective one-body model]; Steinhoff & Vines Phys(20) [black-hole scattering].
@ Binding energy and gravitational self-force: Le Tiec PRL(12); Bini & Damour PRD(14)-a1403 [8.5PN contributions].
blue bullet Theory: see relativistic two-body problem [compact binaries, full problem and post-Newtonian approximation].
blue bullet Numerical simulations: see numerical black holes; numerical binary black holes.

Binary Mergers
@ General references: Schutz ESO(05)gq/04; Kesden PRD(08)-a0807; Rezzolla CQG(09)-a0812; Kesden et al PRD(10) [final spins]; Bernuzzi & Nagar PRD(10) [extreme-mass-ratio limit]; Barausse et al ApJ(12)-a1206 [radiated mass]; Bohn et al CQG(15)-a1410 [lensing and realistic images of collections of stars]; Lovelace et al CQG(15) [nearly-extremal apparent horizons]; Price et al PRD(16)-a1508 [the plunge]; Abbott et al PRX(16) [in the first Advanced LIGO run]; Gerosa & Berti PRD(17)-a1703 [are merging black holes first or second generation?]; Taylor Phys(20) [LIGO detection of asymmetric masses].
@ Bh-ns mergers: Pannarale PRD(13)-a1208 [remnant]; Foucart FASS-a2006 [rev].
@ Merger rates: Abbott et al ApJL(16)-a1602 [from GW150914 observations]; Dvorkin et al MNRAS(16)-a1604 [and the stochastic gravitational-wave background].
@ Precession: Bagchi MNRAS(12)-a1210 [bh + ns]; Ossokine et al PRD(15)-a1502 [precession dynamics]; Gerosa et al PRD(15)-a1506 [bh + bh, phase transitions], PRL(15) [precessional instability].

Phenomenology and Searches > s.a. black-hole phenomenology.
@ Phenomenology: Spallicci & Aoudia a0909-conf [stars around black holes, self-force], Sperhake et al PRL(09) [zoom-whirl orbits]; Kesden et al ApJ(10)-a1003 [mergers, kick suppression]; Loustó et al PRD(10) [spinning, statistics]; Pollney & Reisswig ApJL(11)-a1005 [gravitational memory, numerical]; Blanchet et al in(10)-a1007 [complementarity between post-Newtonian and self-force approaches]; Centrella CP(11) [mergers, overview]; Shibata & Taniguchi LRR(11) [bh + ns coalescence]; Loustó & Healy PRL(14)-a1410 [flip-flopping].
@ Gravitational waves: Vitale et al PRL(14)-a1403 [and black-hole spin]; Mohapatra et al PRD(14) [ground-based detectors, sensitivity]; McWilliams PRL(19)-a1810 [accurate analytical model]; > s.a. compact sources [including kicks]; gravitational wave analysis.
@ Searches, observations: Belczynski ApJ(13)-a1209 [Cyg X-3 as a likely bh-bh or bh-ns progenitor]; news caltech(15)jan [possible evidence for close supermassive black holes in quasar]; news nyt(15)sep [future collision in quasar PG 1302-102]; Woosley ApJL(16)-a1602 [the progenitor of GW 150914]; Rodriguez et al a1605, a1605 [astrophysics from GW 150914]; Ha IJMPD(17)-a1706 [GW 150914 progenitor masses]; news sn(20)jun [2.6-solar-mass compact object]; > s.a. supermassive black holes [mergers].

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