Regge Calculus  

In General > s.a. computational physics, numerical relativity / actions for general relativity; quantum regge calculus.
* Idea: An approach to discretized (or, better, piecewise flat) geometry, used in numerical relativity and quantum gravity; Initially the simplex version was used, then 3+1 and continuous-time ones were developed, which were thought to be more useful for evolution questions and canonical quantization.
* In numerical relativity: Used to be the main application, as a tool related to the finite-element method; 1991, Results usually agree well with continuum ones, except when a bounce occurs in collapse; 2009, its second-order convergence to the continuum makes it non-competitive.
* Variables: The metric for an n-dimensional manifold is given by assigning the lengths (squared) of all sides of all simplices in a fixed triangulation; This gives, for each simplex, n(n+1)/2 parameters (ok with counting of metric components); The kinds of metrics that can be given in this way are limited, because if one imagines the simplexes as superimposed on a smooth manifold, "all the curvature" is contracted at discrete points and the rest is flat; > s.a. simplex (Lorentzian case).
* Hilbert-Einstein action: It can be expressed (up to some coefficient) by the exact formula

R dv = ∑i η(i) A(i) ,

where the summation is over all (n−2)-simplexes i, of area A(i) (with A(i):=1 if n−2 = 0), and the defect angle η is η(i):= 2π − ∑σi θ(i;σ), where θ(i;σ) is the angle of the (n−1)-simplex σ at i.

References > s.a. curvature [Bianchi identities].
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@ Affine tensor and exterior calculus: Warner PRS(82); Brewin JMP(86).
@ Related topics: Roček & Williams in(82) [conformal transformations]; Hamber & Williams NPB(97)ht/96 [gauge invariance].

Various Versions > s.a. discrete geometries; dynamical triangulations; lattice gravity.
* Regge approach: Fix the triangulation and vary edge lengths; Typically use R2 actions (bouded below) or the Einstein-Hilbert action.
* Canonical: 1991, There is a problem with the closing of the constraint algebra.
* Discrete time: Foliate the spacetime into hypersurfaces (e.g., spacelike), divide each one into convenient blocks in the same way (e.g., by simplices), then join corresponding vertices by edges (obtaining a total tessellation by prisms).
* Null strut calculus: Build simplicial spacetimes with the maximal number of null edges; This reduces the number of variables and simplifies one type of equation, which becomes a linear relation between deficit angles.
* Area variables: Unless restrictions are placed on the variation of the areas, in 4D this version leads to vanishing deficit angles and flat geometries.
@ Regge approach: Hamber PRD(92) [phase transition]; Brewin CQG(98)gq/97 [different implementation of Einstein equation].
@ Canonical, constraints: Friedman & Jack JMP(86); Khatsymovsky CQG(94)gq/93; Mäkelä PRD(94); Tuckey & Williams CQG(90); Bander PRD(87) [d-dimensional, constraint algebra]; Khatsymovsky GRG(95)gq/93, PLB(00)gq/99; Gambini & Pullin IJMPD(06) [and consistent discretization]; Dittrich & Höhn CQG(10)-a0912; Dittrich & Ryan CQG(11)-a1006; Höhn PRD(15)-a1411 [linearized, Pachner moves and lattice gravitons].
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@ First-order form: Barrett CQG(94)ht; Gionti gq/98.
@ Linearization: Barrett PLB(87), CQG(88); Christiansen a1106 [3D, around a Euclidean metric].
@ Variations: Brewin PRD(89) [ADM 4-momentum]; Reisenberger CQG(97)gq/96 [left-handed]; Bilke et al PLB(98)hl/97 [U(1) fields]; Schmidt & Kohler GRG(01)gq [dislocations and torsion]; Bahr & Dittrich NJP(10)-a0907 [with constant-sectional-curvature simplices, for non-zero cosmological constant]; > s.a. causality.

Types of Spacetimes > s.a. FLRW spacetime; bianchi I [Kasner]; quantum regge calculus.
@ 2D: Beirl & Berg NPB(95)hl; Hamber & Williams NPB(95); Hartle & Perjés JMP(97)gq/96 [CP2]; Rolf PhD(98)ht [quantum].
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Other References > s.a. numerical general relativity; quantum spacetime.
@ Intros, reviews: Regge NC(61); in Wheeler in(64); in Misner et al 73 [clear; good introduction]; Williams NS(86) [I]; Williams & Tuckey CQG(92); Immirzi NPPS(97)gq [comments]; Gentle & Miller gq/01-MG9; Regge & Williams JMP(00)gq; Gentle GRG(02)gq/04 [numerical relativity]; Larrañaga gq/03-ln [en español]; Cuzinatto et al a1904 [intro].
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@ For similar theories: Sorkin PhD(74), JMP(75) [electromagnetism]; Pereira & Vargas CQG(02)gq [teleparallel gravity]; D'Adda a2007 [higher-order theories, with coordinates associated to vertices]; > s.a. higher-order gravity.
@ Gauge theory style: Weingarten NPB(82); Kawamoto & Nielsen PRD(91).
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@ Random / polymerized manifolds: Gabrielli PLB(98); Harris & Wheater PLB(99)ht/98.
@ Phase structure: Hamber PRD(92); Catterall et al PLB(94).

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