Lattice QCD  

In General > s.a. lattice gauge theories [general references, variables, action]; quantum gauge theory.
* Dense baryonic matter: Although QCD is considered a well-confirmed theory, there are few reliable calculational techniques for handling it in this regime, and numerical computation using lattice gauge theory is currently blocked by the fermion sign problem (the problem of evaluating the highly oscillatory integral that occurs when lattice field theory is applied to a system with a high density of fermions), and the only place in nature where it is realized is inside a neutron star–not a convenient laboratory.
@ Reviews: Weingarten SA(96)feb; Wilczek NPPS(03)hl/02 [rev]; DeTar & Gottlieb PT(04)feb; DeGrand IJMPA(04); DeGrand & DeTar 06; Davies pw(06)dec; Schierholz IJMPA(07); Onogi IJMPA(09) [realistic unquenched simulations]; Knechtli et al 17.
@ History: Ukawa JSP(15)-a1501 [Kenneth Wilson's role].
@ General references: Wilson PRD(74); Kogut RMP(83); NPPS(05)140 issue; Lepage AP(05) [high-precision, rev]; Di Pierro IJMPA(06) [with fermions, lattice]; Del Debbio et al JHEP(06) [stability]; Meurice ht/06-conf [series truncation]; Sommer NPPS(06) [fundamental parameters]; Bowman et al NPPS(06) [QCD propagators]; Miller PRP(07) [equation of state]; Grundling & Rudolph CMP(13)-a1108, CMP(17)-a1512 [infinite lattice, C*-algebraic approach].
@ Observable algebra: Jarvis et al JPA(05)ht/04; Kijowski & Rudolph RPMP(05).
@ Techniques: Walker ht/07 [failure of cluster decomposition method]; Sexty a1410-conf [algorithms for finite density QCD]; Papavassiliou a1503-conf [Schwinger-Dyson equations and infrared dynamics]; Atas et al a2102 [on a quantum computer].
@ Different types of backgrounds: de Forcrand et al NPPS(98)hl/97 [topology]; Yamamoto PRD(14)-a1405 [curved spacetimes]; Mages et al a1512 [non-orientable manifold].
@ Related topics: Kijowski & Rudolph JMP(02) [charge and flux]; Charzyński et al JGP(05)ht/04 [stratified configuration space]; Narayanan & Neuberger hl/05-conf [large N, fermionic sector]; Charzyński et al JGP(08)ht/05 [reduced classical configuration space]; Thomas & Zhitnitsky PRD(13)-a1208 [toy model for study of long-range order].

And Phenomenology > s.a. QCD phenomenology.
@ Masses: Montvay RMP(87) [hadrons]; Davies PRL(04), Allison et al PRL(05) + pn(05)may [mesons]; Fodor & Hoelbling RMP(12) [light hadrons].
@ Other phenomenology: Shipsey NPPS(04)hl [and experiments]; Beane et al PRL(06) + sr(06)jul [N-N scattering]; > s.a. hadrons.
@ Dense baryonic matter: Hands PTPS(07)hl [sign problem]; Kurkela et al PRD(10)-a1001 + Alford Phy(10) [cold dense matter].
@ Related topics: Monahan MPLA(12) [lattice perturbation theory in B physics]; Ogilvie a1211-proc [high-temperature, confinement].

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