Mathematical Physics  

In General > s.a. field theory; gauge theory.
* Goal: Use a well-defined framework, a precise language, and the standards of rigor of modern mathematics to
(1) Determine consequences of physical theories, by proving theorems about physically motivated concepts;
(2) Derive properties and numbers of physical interest for model systems through calculation.

blue bullet Areas: see differential equations, integral equations; operator theory; group theory; differential geometry; set theory; and, more recently, topology and algebraic topology (including homotopy and homology).
blue bullet Specific topics: see Banach Space; chern-simons theory; distributions; hilbert space; Response Functions; Special Functions.

References > s.a. computational physics; programming languages [Mathematica].
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@ Topology, differential geometry, group theory: Mukhi & Mukunda 10; Marsh 18; Starkovich 21.
@ Other geometrical: Katanaev a1311 [geometrical methods, long monograph in Russian]; Aldrovandi & Pereira 16.
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@ Special emphasis: Barut ed-73; Sneed 79 [logical structure]; Hassani 91, 13 [foundations]; Jackson 06 [quantum mechanics].
> Online resources: see R Baretti's course site; J Baez's news site; Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics articles; Open Problems site; Wikipedia page.

Relationship between Mathematics and Physics > s.a. computability; Models; physics [laws and ultimate theories]; proofs.
* Idea: It is a fact that we need math to investigate physical laws and to express them, since the laws are only understandable mathematically; In this view, one can see mathematics as a language invented by humans, or mathematicians, to model nature; But this is a partial view, the relationship is deeper and many believe that mathematics is nature.
* History: There was a close symbiosis through all of the XVIII century; They separated in the XIX century because of developments in pure math (number theory ...; Gauss ...) and new math-independent physics (Faraday ... J W von Goethe – see Ritter, Oersted – with his romantic natural philosophy), but in the XX century physics motivated many developments in mathematics, such as linear operator theory on Hilbert spaces, rigged Hilbert spaces, distributions, and unitary group representations.
* Effectiveness of mathematics: It can be seen all the time in the way natural phenomena follow the laws of physics, and it is highlighted by the predictions in theoretical physics of unexpected phenomena that were subsequently verified experimentally – Examples are antimatter, seen in the solutions of the Dirac equation; quarks, predicted by Murray Gell-Mann; the expansion of the universe, black holes, and the existence of gravitational waves, predicted by general relativity.
* Effectiveness of physics: 2020, Quantum entanglement can be used in vastly more complicated multiprover interactive proofs than with classical provers.
* Quote: C N Yang: "What surprised me is not that gauge field is the connection of fiber bundles, but more so that mathematicians can create it without touching the world of physics. I was shocked and puzzled, because you mathematicians can create these ideas from nothing"; Reply by S S Chern: "No, no, these ideas are not just imagination, they are natural and real".
* Areas developed together: Calculus, differential equations, variational theory, differential geometry.
* Areas of physics that have contributed to mathematics: Theory of brownian motion (analysis, probability); Gauge theories and instantons (differential geometry).
* Differences: Essentially, mathematics has no external constraints on what is interesting or relevant; Theoretical physics uses units/dimensions, and its results are subject to verification by experiment.
* Conjectures / rigor: Examples are Kepler's conjecture on close packing of spheres in \(\mathbb R^3\); Path integrals.

References > s.a. Geometric Algebra; history of mathematics; physical theories [theory of resources].
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@ Effectiveness of physics: news sn(20)feb [entanglement and proofs]; > s.a. computability.
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@ Mathematical and physical cultures: Jaffe & Quinn BAMS(93) + responses BAMS(94); Sinai BAMS(06).
@ Cum granu salis? Bartocci & Wesley 90; Perchik mp/03.

"The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics" – Galileo (1564 – 1642).
"The Great Architect of the Universe now begins to appear as a pure mathematician," J Jeans (1877 – 1946) expressing his surprise that quantum theory works.
"Physics is mathematics not because we know a lot about the external world, but because we know too little" – B Russell (1872 – 1970) as quoted by Sabato.
"The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible" – A Einstein (1879 – 1955).

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