Dynamics of Gravitating Particles and Matter Fields  

Particles > s.a. canonical general relativity; dynamics of gravitating bodies; matter phenomenology; solutions of general relativity with matter.
* Idea: Study of the ways in which matter fields can be coupled to gravity, and their consequences.
* Note: Unless otherwise specified, in this page gravitational theory is described by 4D general relativity.
@ General references: Ahluwalia GRG(97)gq, comment Knox BJPS(10)-a0809 [flavor oscillation clocks and redshifts]; Smoller gq/02; Ellis et al GRG(07) [causality and speed of sound]; Faraoni PRD(07)-a0710 [anomalous coupling of Ricci curvature to matter]; Belabbas MS-a0906 [gravitational interactions and the metric]; Giulini a0910-conf [modeling properties of matter with geometrodynamics].
@ Particles: Banchet CQG(07) [dipolar particles]; Rosquist a0802-conf [effect on electromagnetic fields]; Bonnor GRG(09) [photons]; Ni RPP(10)-a0912 [effects of spin]; Banerjee CQG(10)-a1002 [Holst and Nieh-Yan terms in the action]; Landry & Paranjape PRD(16)-a1601 [quantum transitions induced by time-dependent gravitational perturbations]; > s.a. particle effects.
@ Quantum particles: Zych et al CQG(12)-a1206 [quantum interference of photons]; > s.a. quantum equivalence principle.
@ Laws of motion, precession: Dixon PTRS(74); Thorne & Hartle PRD(85); Basalyga & Gorbatsievich gq/99 [atoms]; > s.a. test-body motion.
@ Kinetic theory, Einstein-Vlasov: Andréasson LRR(05)gq, LRR(11) [properties of solutions]; > s.a. stochastic processes.
> Related topics: see gravitational self-force.

Fields and Their Couplings > s.a. 3D general relativity; 3D gravity; gravity theories; scalar fields; types of field theories.
@ General references: Mannheim et al GRG(10) [incoherent averages and the perfect-fluid paradigm].
@ With Maxwell fields: Solanki et al PRD(04) [torsion, bounds]; Grøn & Næss a0806 [particle as perpetuum mobile]; Adamo & Newman CQG(08)-a0807 [radiating electromagnetic dipole]; Chu et al PRD(10)-a1007 [possible couplings and tests]; > s.a. born-infeld theory; electricity; electromagnetism in curved spacetime and modified formulations; light.
@ Einstein-Yang-Mills: Vignolo & Cianci JMP(04) [tetrad-affine]; Llibre & Valls JPA(05) [first integrals]; Balakin & Zayats G&C(06)gq [non-minimal]; Grigore & Scharf a0808 [most general interaction]; Pürrer & Aichelburg CQG(09)-a0810 [tails]; Balakin & Dehnen a0812-fs [non-minimal, + dilaton]; Armillis et al PRD(10), AIP(11)-a1007 [trace anomaly and effective action]; Barnich & Lambert PRD(13)-a1310 [Virasoro-Kac-Moody asymptotic symmetries]; > s.a. first-order actions for general relativity.
@ Fermions: Mohanty et al PRD(02) [CPT violation]; Kaźmierczak PRD(08) [non-uniqueness of minimal coupling, Einstein-Cartan gravity]; > s.a. dirac fields.
@ Fluids: Hawke et al PRD(05)gq [general relativistic hydrodynamics, excision methods]; Andersson & Comer LRR(07)gq/06 [rev]; Ballesteros et al JCAP(14)-a1312 [multi-component fluids, effective field theory]; > s.a. fluids; gravitating bodies [fluid spheres].
@ Other examples: Finster et al MPLA(99)gq [Einstein-Dirac-Maxwell theory]; Bekaert et al PLB(00) [2-form fields]; Feng et al GRG(04) [supersymmetric particles]; Banks et al JHEP(06)ht [gauge theories]; Beltrán et al a2004 [standard model fields].

Extended Media > s.a. force; gravitomagnetism; phenomenology; solutions of general relativity with matter; tests of general relativity.
* Matter shells: A rigid, non-rotating spherical shell around a Schwarzschild black hole of mass M located at r < 3M would be unphysical, as it would have to be constructed from matter with a superluminal speed of sound [@ Brady et al PRD(91)].
@ General references: Ferrari & Ibáñez PLA(89) [colliding clouds of null particles]; Montani et al NCB(00)gq; Unzicker gq/00 [continuum mechanics]; Carter in(83)gq/01 [and gravitational radiation]; Aguirregabiria & Bel GRG(01)gq [arbitrary mass and size]; Montani et al CQG(03)gq [macroscopic, polarization]; Kiefer & Weber AdP(05); Alberghi et al CQG(06) [thick shell]; Ferrarese & Bini 07; Meinel et al 08 [bodies in equilibrium]; Muschik & von Borzeszkowski GRG(14) [Mathisson-Papapetrou equations and the compatibility of general relativity and continuum physics]; Kim & Ji PRD(17)-a1611 [matter equation of state in string gravity].
@ Shells: Schmidt GRG(84)gq/01 [tension]; Barrabès & Israel PRD(91) [null]; Guerrero et al PRD(02)gq; Scardigli PhD(01)gq/02; Kijowski et al IJGMP(05) [Lagrangian and Hamiltonian], IJMPD(09)gq/05 [general solution], PRD(06) [variational principle]; Khosravi et al CQG(06) [thick]; Millmore & Hawke CQG(10)-a0909 [hydrodynamics, simulations]; Zaninetti ASTP-a1011 [law of motion]; Tegai MG12(12)-a1104 [dust shell crossing and weak solutions]; Senovilla CQG(14)-a1402, JPCS(15)-a1410 [double layers from thin shells in R + R2 gravity]; > s.a. metric matching; models in canonical general relativity.
@ Charged shells: Cherubini et al PLB(02); Eiroa & Simeone PRD(11)-a1102 [stability].
@ Disks, plates: Klein & Richter PRL(99)gq [dust]; Petroff & Meinel PRD(01)gq [rigid dust disk]; Teixeira gq/05, Jones et al AJP(08)jan-a0708 [infinite plane].
@ Pressure contribution: Ehlers et al AJP(06)jul-gq/05; Mitra PLB(10)gq/06; Nikishov a0912, a1011 [and linearized gravity].
@ Binding energy: Bizoń et al CQG(90); Hsu gq/98; Vignat et al PhyA(11) [upper bound, and non-additive, power-law entropic measures].
> Fields and systems: see cosmic strings; fluids; membranes.
> Topics: see angular momentum; energy-momentum tensor; gravitational energy; radiation; rotation.

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