Measures of Quantum Entanglement  

In General > s.a. entanglement; quantum correlations.
* Idea: Two approaches to entanglement measures are a geometric one and one based on fidelity; The standard geometric entanglement measure for a pure state is sin2θ, where θ is the angle between the state and the closest separable (unentangled) one.
@ Reviews: Bruß JMP(02); Myhr MSc(04)qp; Plenio & Virmani QIC(07)qp/05; Das et al a1701; Haddadi & Bohloul IJTP(18)-a1805 [and multipartite].
@ General references: Popescu & Rohrlich PRA(97)qp/96 [entropy]; Schulman & Mozyrsky qp/97; Vedral et al PRL(97)qp; Nielsen PRL(99)qp/98 [partial order]; Virmani & Plenio PLA(00)qp/99; Rudolph JMP(01)mp/00; Blanchard et al JPA(01) [decoherence-based]; Majewski qp/01-conf; Życzkowski & Bengtsson AP(02)qp/01; Vidal & Werner PRA(02) [computable]; Nagel & Raggio qp/03; Partovi PRL(04)qp/03; Yukalov PRL(03)qp [as operator action]; Christandl & Winter JMP(04); Cavalcanti et al PRA(05)qp [maximal entanglement and purity]; Mintert et al PRP(05)qp [and dynamics]; Pawłowski & Czachor PRA(06)qp/05 [ambiguity, photon]; Datta et al PRA(07)qp/06 [bounds]; Ostapchuk et al a0707 [interpretation]; Gour & Roy PRA(08)-a0711; Yang et al PRL(08) [conditional entanglement of mutual information]; Sperling & Vogel PS(11)-a0908 [Schmidt number]; Walborn PRL(09) [entropic entanglement criteria]; Ma & Zhang a0910 [D-concurrence]; Caponigro & Giannetto a1206 [epistemic vs ontic classification, all states are entangled]; D'Arrigo et al AP(14)-a1207 [hidden entanglement and local operations]; Beigi a1405-conf [maximal entanglement]; Dugowson a1407 [connectivity order]; Dahlsten et al JPA(14) [typical entanglement]; Regula & Adesso PRL(16)-a1512 [polynomial measures]; Krynytskyi & Kuzmak a1811 [mixing]; Gudder a1902 [simple characterization]; Pathania & Qureshi a2012 [coherence].
@ And Bell inequalities: Bartkiewicz et al PRA(13); Bracken IJTP(14); Datta et al PRA(17)-a1503 [Son-Lee-Kim inequality as a measure of entanglement].
@ Comparisons between measures: Streltsov a0911; Ford et al OC(10)-a1005 [without heat bath]; Girolami & Adesso PRA(11)-a1111 [and other correlations].
@ Geometric: Blasone et al PRA(08)-a0712; Uyanik & Turgut PRA(10)-a0910; Carrington et al JPA(10)-a1004; Ramšak EPL(11)-a1109; Hu et al a1204; Chen et al PRA(14)-a1308 [comparison]; Carrington et al JPA(15)-a1504; Regula & Adesso PRA(16)-a1606 [polynomial measures]; > s.a. entanglement.
@ For fermions: Zander & Plastino PRA(10) [violation of uncertainty relations]; Johansson & Raissi PRA(16)-a1607; > s.a. entangled systems.
@ Other systems: Eisert et al JPA(02)qp/01 [infinite-dimensional]; Hollands & Sanders a1702 [quantum field theory].
@ Entwinement: Erdmenger & Gerbershagen a1910; > s.a. emergence.
@ Experimental: Shimizu & Morimae PRL(05)qp, Kothe & Björk PRA(07)qp/06 [through local observable correlations]; Gühne et al PRL(07)qp/06 [estimate]; Badziag et al PRL(08) [experimentally friendly sufficient conditions]; Zhang et al PRA(08)-a0806 [for mixed states]; Singh et al NJP(13) [through heat capacity].
@ Uniqueness: Rudolph JMP(01)qp; Donald et al JMP(02)qp/01.
> Related topics: see entropy; examples of entangled systems; quantum vs classical states [entanglement witnesses].

For Multipartite Entanglement
@ General references: Eisert & Briegel PRA(01)qp/00; Meyer & Wallach JMP(02)qp/01; Miyake PRA(03); Heydari & Björk JPA(04)qp/04; Pitowsky qp/06-wd [entanglement classes]; Adesso et al PRA(07)qp/06; Facchi et al IJQI(07)qp/06; Cardy EPJB(08)-a0708-conf [and von Neumann entropy]; Facchi et al JPA(09)-a0803, JPA(10)-a1002 [statistical mechanics]; Teresi et al a0805; Hassan & Joag PRA(09)-a0901; Osterloh & Hyllus PRA(10)-a0908 [estimate]; Hillery et al PRA(10)-a1005 [sufficient conditions]; Streltsov et al NJP(10)-a1006; Gühne & Seevinck NJP(10) [separability criteria]; Zhu et al NJP(10) [additivity]; Brunner et al PRL(12)-a1110; Solomon et al JPA(13)-a1205; Sperling & Vogel PRL(13); Cianciaruso et al NpjQI(16)-a1507 [experimentally friendly method]; Hedemann QIC-a1611, QIC-a1701; Kraft et al PRL(18)-a1707 [multilevel entanglement]; Haddadi & Bohloul IJTP(18)-a1805 [rev]; Haddadi a1810; Luo a2003 [new type].
@ Classification: Walter et al Sci(13)jun-a1208 [entanglement polytopes]; Quinta & André PRA(18)-a1803 [based on topological links].
@ Geometric: Hilling & Sudbery JMP(10)-a0905; Buchholz et al AdP(16)-a1412 [evaluation, analytical approach]; Sanz et al JPA(17)-a1606 [and algebraic geometry]; Mainiero a1901 [and homological algebra].
@ Special types of systems: Eltschka & Siewert SRep(12)-a1305 [GHZ entanglement in arbitrary three-qubit states]; Lücke et al PRL(14) [detection, in Dicke states]; Pepe IJQI(14)-a1404-proc [short-range and few-body interactions].

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