Entanglement Entropy for Various Types of Systems  

Systems on Different Types of Backgrounds > s.a. quantum entropy [spacetime form].
@ Different dimensionalities: Casini & Huerta NPB(07) [2+1 dimensions]; Hubeny & Rangamani JHEP(08)-a0711 [1+1 dimensions, disjoint intervals]; Braunstein & Das JHEP(13)-a1110 [Rényi entropy, in all dimensions]; Godet & Marteau a1908 [gravitation from the first law of entanglement].
@ Fields in black-hole backgrounds: 't Hooft NPB(85); Bombelli et al PRD(86); Srednicki PRL(93)ht; Holzhey et al NPB(94); Donnelly PRD(08)-a0802 [in lqg]; > s.a. black holes and information.
@ Fields in other curved spacetimes: Berger & Buniy JHEP(08)-a0801 [scalar field in arbitrary curved spacetime]; Bak PLB(13); Saravani et al CQG(14)-a1311, Mallayya et al PRD(14) [scalar field in 1+1 dimensions]; Hollands et al JMP(18)-a1711 [widely separated regions].
@ In cosmology: Engelhardt & Horowitz JHEP(13)-a1303 [gauge theory near cosmological singularities]; Bianchi et al IJMPD(15)-a1512-GRF [in the primordial universe]; Khlebnikov & Sheoran a1907 [scalar field in a transition from de Sitter to flat space].
@ Matter-gravity entanglement: Kay ht/98, CQG(98)ht [and decoherence].
> Related topics: see cosmological acceleration; gravitational entropy; fields on causal set backgrounds.

Different Types of Fields and States > s.a. entanglement entropy; Polymer Quantization.
@ General references: Varadarajan GRG(16)-a1602 [free quantum field in a coherent state, and gravity]; Radičević a1606 [and duality]; Ardenghi IJMPA(18)-a1802 [between real and virtual excitations].
@ Scalar fields: Lohmayer et al PLB(10) [massless, in a sphere in flat spacetime]; Hertzberg JPA(13)-a1209; Rabideau JHEP(15)-a1502 [non-local, weakly coupled]; Bianchi et al PRD(15)-a1507 [squeezed vacua on a lattice].
@ Fermion fields: Larsen & Wilczek AP(95); Lévay et al PRA(05)qp; Gioev & Klich PRL(06)qp/05 [various dimensions, scaling and Widom conjecture]; Wolf PRL(06)qp/05, Barthel et al PRL(06) [scaling]; Cramer et al PRL(07)qp/06; Swingle PRL(10)-a0908 [and the Fermi surface]; Helling & Spitzer FdP(10)-a1002-proc [area-law violation]; Shaghoulian JHEP(12)-a1112 [theories with a Fermi surface]; Herzog & Nishioka JHEP(13)-a1301 [massive fermion on a torus]; Ossipov PRL(14)-a1404 [and Anderson's orthogonality catastrophe]; Pastur & Slavin PRL(14)-a1408 [disordered free fermions]; Leschke et al JPA(16)-a1501 [free Fermi gas]; Gavrilik & Mishchenko a1504 [composite fermions, vs composite bosons]; Fries & Reyes a1906 [chiral fermions on the circle]; > s.a. dirac quantum field theory.
@ Spin models: Its & Korepin JSP(09)-a0906 [XY spin chain]; Alba et al JSM(09)-a0909 [XY and XXZ spin chains]; Fagotti & Calabrese JSM(10)-a1003 [disjoint blocks in XY chains]; Vitagliano et al NJP(10)-a1003 [violation of area-law scaling]; Kallin et al PRB(11)-a1107 [square-lattice Heisenberg model]; Pichler et al NJP(13)-a1302 [spinful fermionic atoms in an optical lattice, thermal vs entanglement entropy]; Movassagh & Shor PNAS(16)-a1408 [violation of area-law scaling]; Brehm & Brunner a1505 [2D Ising model].
@ QED: Donnelly & Wall PRD(16)-a1506 [electromagnetic field]; Berges et al JHEP(18)-a1712 [2D Schwinger model, Gaussian states]; Pretko JHEP(18)-a1801.
@ Gauge fields: Donnelly PRD(12)-a1109 [lattice gauge theory]; Casini et al PRD(14)-a1312; Casini & Huerta PRD(14)-a1406 [Maxwell fields, 2D lattice]; Donnelly CQG(14)-a1406 [non-abelian lattice gauge theories]; Ghosh et al JHEP(15)-a1501, Aoki et al a1502 [lattice gauge theory]; Soni & Trivedi JHEP(16)-a1510; Agarwal et al PRD(17)-a1701 [using gauge-invariant variables]; Moitra et al a1811 [classical and quantum terms, and duality].
@ Higher-spin fields: Datta et al PRD(14)-a1405; Hijano & Kraus JHEP(14)-a1406 [and the first law]; Long JHEP(14)-a1408.
@ Quantum gravity: Ma a1609; Arzano & Calcagni EPJC(17)-a1704 [and spectral dimension]; Feller & Livine CQG(18)-a1710 [in lqg]; Pagani & Reuter JHEP(18)-a1804 [finite in asymptotically safe quantum gravity]; Speranza a1808-PhD.
@ Coupled oscillators: Han et al cm/97; Nakagawa a1601.
@ Other systems: Cramer et al PRA(06)qp/05 [bosonic lattices, scaling]; Solodukhin PLB(10)-a1008 [round spheres]; Puttarprom et al a1302 [particle coupled to a lattice]; Lello et al JHEP(13)-a1304 [in particle decay]; Jafarizadeh et al JSM(15)-a1407, a1407 [quantum networks]; Narayanan et al PRD(19)-a1803 [2D disordered system]; Castellani a2009 [entangled quantum histories]; > s.a. superfluidity.

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