Loop Quantum Cosmology  

General Framework > s.a. 3D quantum gravity; quantum cosmology; models and phenomenology.
@ Reviews: Bojowald Pra(04)gq-conf, AdP(06)ap/05-conf, LRR(05)gq/06, in(06)gq, LRR(08); Ashtekar NCB(07)gq, GRG(09)-a0812-proc; Singh JPCS(08)-a0901; Date a1004-ln; Mena a1101-proc; Bojowald a1101-conf [dynamical introduction]; Ashtekar & Singh CQG(11)-a1108; Banerjee et al Sigma(12)-a1109; Agulló & Corichi a1302-ch; Ashtekar a1303-proc; Wilson-Ewing a1612-CRP; Agulló & Singh a1612-in; focus issue CQG(17).
@ General formalism: Ashtekar et al ATMP(03)gq; Velhinho CQG(04) [observables]; Bojowald in(05)gq; Kagan PRD(05)gq [from the Plebański action]; Singh PRD(06) [duality with Randall-Sundrum]; Shojai & Shojai EPL(06)gq [variational principle], GRG(06)gq [Green function]; Ashtekar NCB(07)gq [and introduction to lqg]; Velhinho CQG(07)-a0704 [quantum configuration space]; Ashtekar et al PRD(08)-a0710 [robustness]; Bojowald & Tavakol a0802-ch; Fewster & Sahlmann CQG(08)-a0804 [Wigner function]; Corichi & Singh PRD(08)-a0805 [consistent possibilities]; Bojowald CQG(09)-a0811 [consistency requirements]; Yang et al a0902, PLB(09)-a0904 [alternative quantization of Hamiltonian]; Chiou & Li PRD(09)-a0907 [higher-order holonomy corrections]; Mena AIP(09)-a0907; Tanaka et al PRD(11)-a1005 [with a cosmological constant]; Cianfrani & Montani PRD(12)-a1104; Bojowald Sigma(13)-a1206 [mathematical structure]; Stottmeister & Thiemann a1312 [structural aspects]; Hanusch JMP(15)-a1502 [uniqueness of the measure]; Barrau & Bolliet IJMPD(16)-a1602 [conceptual issues]; Alesci & Cianfrani a1604 [improved regularization scheme].
@ Uniqueness: Engle & Hanusch CQG(17)-a1604; Engle et al CMP(17)-a1609; Fleischhack a1803; Engle & Vilensky a1902 [minimal dynamics].
@ Effective descriptions / actions: Sotiriou PRD(09)-a0811; Date & Sengupta CQG(09)-a0811; Olmo & Singh JCAP(09); Cuttell & Sakellariadou PRD(14)-a1409 [fourth-order deformed effective action]; Ashtekar & Gupt PRD(15)-a1509 [generalization to states with large dispersions]; Langlois et al CQG-a1703 [as higher-derivative scalar-tensor theory].
@ Dynamics: Noui et al PRD(05)gq/04 [physical \(\cal H\)]; Vandersloot PRD(05)gq [H]; Bojowald & Rej CQG(05)gq [properties of difference equations]; Ashtekar et al PRD(06)gq [improved dynamics]; Helling a0912 [analogy with higher-derivative terms]; Cartin EPL(12)-a1204 [action principle and conserved quantity]; Qin et al CTP(12)-a1206 [alternative dynamics, path-integral formulation]; Dantas FP(13) [and integrable discrete Heisenberg spin chains]; Engle & Vilensky a1802 [from diffeomorphism invariance]; Yang et al a1906 [new Hamiltonian constraint operator].

Relationships > s.a. minisuperspace quantum cosmology [accuracy, and limitations].
* With lqg: General results are not available, but based on the models studied it appears that lqc captures the main features of symmetry-reduced lqg.
@ With lqg: Engle CQG(07)gq [symmetric sectors and embeddings]; Brunnemann & Fleischhack a0709 [configuration space]; Koslowski a0711 [cosmological sector of full lqg]; Kamiński et al CQG(09)-a0809 [conceptual aspects]; Engle CQG(10)-a0812 [piecewise-linear version], CQG(13) [without piecewise linearity]; Cianfrani & Montani PRD(10)-a1006 [length, area, and the bounce]; Fleischhack a1010; Brunnemann & Koslowski CQG(11)-a1012 [symmetry reduction of lqg and embeddability]; Lin ChJP(15)-a1111; Alesci & Cianfrani PRD(13) [and Bianchi-I cosmology]; Hanusch JMAA(15)-a1309 [projective structures]; Alesci & Cianfrani EPL(15)-a1410 [as an effective semiclassical description of lqg]; Fleischhack a1505 [kinematical foundations]; Alesci & Cianfrani IJMPD(16)-a1602 [quantum reduction of lqg]; > s.a. symmetry reduction in lqg.
@ With spin foams: Ashtekar et al PLB(09)-a0909, CQG(10)-a1001; Rovelli & Vidotto CQG(10)-a0911; Henderson et al CQG(11)-a1010; Craig & Singh CQG(17)-a1612 [spin foam-like vertex expansion, challenges].
@ With other full theory: Bodendorfer CQG(16)-a1512; > s.a. approaches to quantum gravity [group field theory]; rainbow gravity [cosmology].

Other Issues > s.a. histories formulations of quantum theory [consistent histories]; signature change.
@ Lattice refinement: Bojowald et al PRD(07)-a0704; Sabharwal & Khanna CQG(08), Nelson & Sakellariadou PRD(08)-a0803 [numerical solutions], PRD(08)-a0806 [factor ordering]; Sakellariadou JPCS(09)-a0810; Nelson & Sakellariadou CQG(10)-a0906 [isotropic embedding of anisotropic cosmology].
@ Physical aspects: Singh IJMPD(06) [and Big Bang effective description]; Xiong & Zhu ChPL(11)gq/07 [effect of inverse volume modification]; Corichi et al AIP(08)-a0711, Corichi & Vukašinac AIP(12)-a1209 [continuum limit]; Cianfrani & Montani MPLA(12)-a1201 [critical analysis]; Craig CQG(13) [critical density].
@ Large-volume limit: Hossain gq/05; Henriques GRG(06)gq [and Wheeler-DeWitt equation]; Ding et al PRL(09) [effective scenario]; Bojowald & Simpson CQG(14) [and factor-ordering ambiguities]; > s.a. semiclassical quantum gravity.
@ Related topics: Battisti JPCS(09)-a0810 [and the generalized uncertainty principle]; Li & Zhu AHEP(09)-a0812 [thermodynamics]; Shojai & Shojai IJMPD(09) [causal interpretation]; Małkiewicz & Piechocki a0907 [volume operator and big bounce]; Ashtekar et al PRD(10)-a1011 [path integrals and the WKB approximation]; Qin & Ma MPLA(12)-a1206 [coherent-state functional integral]; Kiefer & Schell CQG(13)-a1210 [interpretation of the triad orientations]; Mielczarek AIP(13)-a1212 [asymptotic silence]; Bojowald a1906 [volume fluctuations]; > s.a. boundary conditions; singularities in quantum gravity.
@ Variants: Ben Achour et al CQG(15)-a1407 [complex Loop Quantum Cosmology]; Wilson-Ewing PRD(15)-a1503 [with self-dual variables]; Ben Achour et al PRD(17)-a1612 [arbitrary spin representations]; > s.a. approaches to quantum gravity [group field theory]; fine-structure constant [variation]; pilot-wave theory.
> Fluctuations, perturbations: see perturbations in quantum cosmology; quantization of cosmological perturbations.
> Other theories of gravity: see Gauss-Bonnet Gravity; brans-dicke and higher-order gravity; modified approaches and types of approaches to quantum gravity.

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