Practical Aspects of Physics Teaching  

In General
* Suggerimento: Provare a fare un'inchieste all'inizio del corso sulle percezioni degli studenti.
@ Practical guides: Arons 90; Ashcroft 95; Swartz & Miner 97.
@ Teacher evaluation: Ehrlich AJP(02)jan; Fontana EJP(05) [effectiveness parameter].
@ With computers: Wilson & Redish PT(89)jan; reviews in PW(93)feb; Brooks 97 [web-based]; > s.a. computational physics.
@ Multimedia: Yeo et al AJP(04)oct [interactive]; Stelzer et al AJP(09)feb [vs traditional textbooks].
@ Use of clickers: Reay et al AJP(05)jun; Beatty et al AJP(06)jan; Willoughby & Gustafson AJP(09)feb; Ding et al AJP(09)jul.
@ Other topics: Rigden PT(90)mar [transparencies]; Van Heuvelen & Maloney AJP(99)mar [Physics Jeopardy]; Crease pw(06)nov [myths]; Jordens & Mathelitsch EJP(10) [physics competitions]; Dylla PT(14)jun [MOOCs]; issue TPT(17)sep [race and physics teaching].

Class Demonstrations and Labs > s.a. physics teaching by subject [acoustics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics].
* Mechanics: Static, sliding and rolling friction; Candle seesaw.
* Electrostratics: Electric force between charged rod and water; Rubber balloon rubbed on wall.
* Electromagnetic induction: Piece of iron vs magnet through vertical iron pipe.
@ Quantum mechanics: Costa-Krämer et al SuSc(95) [easy].
@ Labs in general: Bernard & Epp 95; AAPT AJP(98)jun [goals]; Squires 01 [statistics]; Lippmann Kung AJP(05)aug [concepts]; issue AJP(10)may; Sokoloff et al 11, 11, 04 [and active learning]; Huntula et al EJP(11) [pre-lab work]; Jeschofnig & Jeschofnig 11 [teaching lab courses online]; Kraftmakher 14 [and demos, e1r PT(08)mar]; Moore et al AJP(14)may [for future biologists]; Lane TPT(14) [letters home instead of lab reports]; Smith et al PRX(20) [inquiry-based labs].
@ Specific labs: Karlov TPT(91)jan [measuring the dielectric constant of paper]; Kanim & Subero AJP(10)may [vector nature of v and a]; Bonnet & Gabelli EJP(10) [Stefan's and Planck's constants]; Lahaye et al AJP(12)jun-a1201 [Fizeau's "aether-drag" experiment]; Bayram & Freamat AJP(12)aug [vibrational spectra of N2]; Cafarelli et al AJP(12)sep [RLC circuit]; Libbrecht & Black AJP(15)may-a1407 [laser interferometer]; Robinson PhysEd(14) [angular momentum]; Huwe & Field TPT(15)#5 [gravitational lensing]; Polak et al TPT(18)jan [Young's modulus from a guitar string]; Jordan et al TPT(18)mar [projectile motion & hoops]; Monteiro et al TPT(19)may [light polarization, using smartphones]; > s.a. friction [rolling]; physical constants [measuring c].
@ Demos in general: Taylor 88; Ehrlich 90, AJP(94)feb [ruler], 97; Gibbs 99; Crouch et al AJP(04)jun [approaches]; Sprott 06 [source book]; Sokoloff & Thornton 06 [and active learning]; Berg AJP(12)mar [RL]; Kraftmakher 14 [and labs, e1r PT(08)mar]; blog Phys(20)apr, Wheatland et al AJP(21)mar [smartphone physics].
@ Specific demos: Jackson AJP(06)apr [paper clips and magnetism]; Roy et al AJP(07)aug [Lenz's law and magnet falling in tube]; Vollmer & Möllmann TPT(11)aug [ring falling into a chain]; Tomasel & Marconi AJP(12)sep [magnet rolling down a conducting plane]; news vox(16)may [the water bottle flip]; Tjossem et al AJP(19)may [candle seesaw].
@ Related topics: Mamola & Pollock TPT(93) [breaking broomstick]; Jewett TPT(93) [resonances in pipes]; Rezaeezadeh AJP(09)may [hexagonal pencil down an inclined plane]; Gray 13 [experiments at home]; Overduin et al PTP(18)nov [gravitational waves from binaries].

Assignments, Problems and Exams
@ General references: Newbury et al 91; Rees 94; see issues of AJP in general; Gnädig et al 01, 16; Heiner et al AJP(14)oct [pre-reading assignments]; Madsen et al AJP(17)apr [Research-Based Assessment Instruments (RBAIs)].
@ Homework and tests: TPT 31(93)246 [crossword test]; Arons 94; Tobias & Raphael 97; Henderson et al AJP(04)feb [grading]; Cheng et al AJP(04)nov [online homework]; Morris et al AJP(06)may [multiple choice questions]; Kortemeyer AJP(06)jun [asynchronous online homework discussions]; Palazzo et al PRST(10) + che(10)mar [copying on homework]; Trefil & Swartz PT(11)nov [gender bias in problem sets]; Wieman et al TPT(14) [two-stage exams and collaborative learning]; Regan TPT(15) [test-item writing guidelines]; Kahn & Anderson 18 [Physics GRE preparation].
@ Problem solving: Tonti 77 [mechanics]; Maloney AJP(78)jun [by groups]; Fuller PT(82)sep; Heller et al AJP(92)jul, Heller & Hollabaugh AJP(92)jul [collaborative]; Scarl 94; Leonard et al AJP(96)dec [strategies]; Elby 95, 97; Singh AJP(02)nov [strategies and intuition]; Hsu et al AJP(04)sep [RL]; Grimvall 07 [puzzles and brainteasers]; Mason & Singh AJP(10)jul; Byun & Lee AJP(14)sep [number of problems solved vs problem-solving and learning strategies]; Kortemeyer TPT(16)jan [the plug-and-chug problem].
@ Problems, questions: blog io9(12)jan [the Leaning Tower of Lire]; Riley 19 [wide range of ug subjects, with solutions].

Undergraduate Students > s.a. physics teaching by subject.
@ General references: Verbrugge PT(60)sep [nationwide plan]; Van Zytveld AJP(90)oct [research]; letter PT(90)sep; Rigden & Tobias ThSc(91)jan; Cadwell AJP(93)mar [liberal arts colleges]; Whitten et al PT(03)sep [women]; Manogue & Krane PT(03)sep [upper level]; Henley & Dash 11; Curtis EJP(12) [21st-century perspective as course beginning]; White TPT(18)nov [gender and the introductory physics classroom].
@ Textbooks: Holbrow PT(99)mar; Bohren AJP(09)feb; Cunningham 15 [guided discovery approach, with Mathematica].
@ Programs and majors: Cooper AJP(52)apr; Hilborn & Howes PT(03)sep [programs]; news che(07)jan [growth]; news nsbp(11)sep [Texas decision to close programs].
@ Types of courses: Efthimiou & Llewellyn phy/04-conf + pw(04)apr ["physics in films"].
@ Individual colleges: Kleppner PT(91)jan [Collège de France].

Graduate Students > s.a. physics teaching by subject.
@ Problems: Cronin et al 79; Lim 90 [qualifying-statistical mechanics]; Cahn & Nadgorny 94 [qualifying exam]; Di Giacomo et al 94; Steeb 09 [mathematical physics].
@ Training: Garland PT(91)jul [advice to beginning physics speakers]; Smith et al AJP(02)nov [PhD training]; Price & Finkelstein AJP(08)jul [preparing physicists-educators]; Snieder & Larner 09 [students and mentors; r PT(10)jun]; Mao a1006-proc [in astronomy].
@ Other topics: Cooper AJP(52)nov [programs]; Hestenes AJP(95)dec + comment AJP(96)may [orals]; Jossem AJP(00)jun [graduate assistants, RL]; Sanders et al JSET-a1308 [interactive software modules]; Das Sarma PT(19)mar [unity of physics and qualifying exams].

Middle School and High School > s.a. physics teaching by subject; quantum computing.
* 1994: Only 21% of high school students take physics in the US (15% of female students and 10% of black and Hispanic students, and about 1% of all students take a second year of physics), even though 98% of students go to schools that offer physics classes; By comparison, nearly 50% of students take chemistry (physics is still traditionally offered only after students take biology and chemistry).
* 1999: The percentage of US high-school students taking physics has risen by 8% in the last decade, reaching an all-time high of 28% since the end of World War II; In the late 1990s, girls now represent almost half (47%) of students taking high-school physics (as opposed to 39% in 1987); However, African-American and Hispanic students remain underrepresented in physics classes; The same holds true for women and non-white physics teachers. (> s.a. AIP statistics site.)
@ General references: Pallrand & Lindenfeld PT(85)nov; Neuschatz PT(89)aug; Tobin et al ed-90; issue PT(91)sep; Gollub & Spital PT(02)may [Advanced Placement]; Feder PT(07)mar [rising enrollment]; Zheng ed-09 [Asian Physics Olympiad problems and solutions]; news nbsp(12)mar [National Alliance of Black School Educators endorses "Physics First"]; Otero & Meltzer PT(17)may [past and future, in high school].
@ Textbooks: Williams, Trinklein & Metcalfe 80 [standard, encyclopedic]; Project Physics; PSSC; Holbrow PT(99)mar [evolution over 150 years]; Hubisz PT(03)may [middle school texts].
@ Related topics: Downie 03 [activities]; Meltzer & Otero AJP(14)jul [teacher preparation].

Elementary Grades and Students in General
@ References: Karplus PT(64)oct [elementary grades]; Adams & Hamm 08 [activities, lesson plans]; Gibson pt(16)aug [particle physics and preschoolers].

Online Resources > see Planetjemma [young women and physics, pw(03)sep]; Phun [physics simulations]; The Physics Classroom.

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