History of XXI Century Physics  

General News, Status
* 2001: Light pulses temporarily trapped in a gas of cold atoms; Evidence reported for a change in the fine-structure constant over cosmological times.
* 2002: Production of large numbers of anti-atoms at CERN; First measurement of the polarization of the cosmic background radiation by DASI.
* 2003: First detailed full-sky map of the cosmic microwave background; First evidence for pentaquarks.
* 2004: First double pulsar discovered; Gravity Probe-B launched.
* 2005: International year of physics (centenary of 1905); Death of Hans Bethe.
* 2006: Discovery that water flows occasionally on Mars; First invisibility cloak; Manipulation of materials at quantum level.
* 2007: Large-scale dark-matter map; Debate on nature of supersolids; Proposal of 'unparticles'; Origin of UHECRs.
* 2008: LHC begins operation – then stops.
* 2011: Weak measurements to map photon trajectories in a double-slit experiment; Supermassive black holes as standard candles; OPERA reports neutrino travel time less than light travel time between CERN and Gran Sasso; Hints of Higgs particles at the LHC; New kg standard.
* 2012: Discovery of the Higgs boson; Neutrinos are no longer superluminal; New estimate of at least 100 billion planets in the Milky Way galaxy; Pioneer's anomalous acceleration explained; Report of no dark matter in the solar neighborhood in the Milky Way, but later estimate differs; Suprisingly few neutrinos from GRBs; Evidence for Majorana fermions in 2D condensed matter system; First observation of the kinematic SZ effect; Demonstration of neutrino-based communication; Curiosity lands safely on Mars.
* 2013: The Higgs particle looks as expected, and does not point the way to new physics; A minority of physicists think that SUSY will provide a solution to the hierarchy problem; Most think that dark matter will be detected within the next decade and will provide important new physics; High-energy cosmic neutrinos observed by the IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory; Planck space telescope's map of the cmb.
* 2014: Discovery by BICEP2 of evidence for inflation and imprint of gravitational waves in cmb polarization, later challenged; Hint of departure from the standard model of particle physics seen in results from a test of lepton universality.
* 2015: Physicists are looking for supersymmetric particles, gravitational waves, unparticles, dark matter and dark energy.
* 2016: Announcement by LIGO of the direct detection of a gravitational-wave signal; Demonstration of Schrödinger cat state with microwave photons in two cavities; Rocky planet around Proxima Cen; Negative refraction of electrons in graphene; 4 newly named elements; A ninth planet?
* 2017: Neutron-star merger seen in gravitational waves and all electromagnetic frequency ranges, multimessenger astronomy; Again no evidence for WIMPs; Gluons provide half of the proton's spin; Cuprate superconductors may be conventional after all; Time crystals realized.
* 2018: High-energy neutrino spotted by IceCube in 2017 traced to a blazar.
* 2019: First image of a black hole; Quantum supremacy.
@ Yearly highlights: news pw(01)dec [2001]; news pw(02)dec [2002]; news pw(03)dec [2003]; news pw(04)dec [2004]; news pw(05)dec [2005]; news pw(06)dec [2006]; news pw(07)dec [2007]; news pn(08)dec, pw(08)dec [2008]; news pw(09)dec [2009]; pw(09)dec [2010 predictions]; pw(10)dec [2010]; pw(11)dec [2011]; pw(12)dec [2012]; pw(13)dec, Phy(13)dec [2013]; Phy(14)dec [2014]; pw(16)dec, sn(16)dec [2016]; news cosmos(17)dec [neutron star merger as breakthrough of the year]; Phys(17) [highlights]; Phys(18) [highlights]; Phys(19) [highlights].
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Specific Countries, Institutions, and People > s.a. XX century.
@ Countries: Day PT(10)mar [China].
@ Institutions: news pw(07)jun [Howard Burton quits PI].
@ Universities: news ihe(13)oct [threatened physics departments].

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