Phenomenology of Higher-Dimensional Gravity  

In General > s.a. einstein-cartan theory; fifth force.
* Idea: These theories lead to departures from Newtonian r−2 behavior at some scales; Also, models with extra dimensions tipically produce a 4D effective theory whose vacuum is not exactly Lorentz invariant, but can be considered a physical medium whose refractive index is determined by the gravitational field.
* Bounds: 2007, Size less than 80 microns, from the age of the black hole XTE J1118+480; 2018, The strictest limits yet on the size of extra dimensions come from the fact that evaporating black holes haven't destroyed the universe.
@ II: Abel & March-Russell pw(00)nov [branes]; Lincoln TPT(13).
> Related topics: see Birkhoff Theorem; dispersion.

High-Energy and Other Lab-Based Physics > s.a. thermal radiation.
@ HEP experiments: Kostelecký & Samuel PLB(91); Banks et al JHEP(99)ht; Mathews et al PLB(99)hp/98, PLB(99) [top physics], PLB(99)hp/98 [deep inelastic scattering]; Anchordoqui et al PRD(01)hp/00 [ν-N air showers]; Bronnikov & Melnikov GRG(01); Hewett & Spiropulu ARNPS(02)hp; Acosta et CDF PRL(02) [p-pbar at 1.8 TeV]; Allanach et al JHEP(02) [LHC]; Rizzo JHEP(03) [transverse polarization]; Ruppert et al PLB(05) [quantum gravity scale and number of extra dimensions]; Macesanu IJMPA(06), Bhattacharyya et al NPB(09) [universal extra dimensions]; Aaltonen et CDF PRL(08); Abazov et D0 PRL(09), PRL(12) [p-pbar collisions]; Bolokhov et al PRD(11)-a1011 [and electroweak fields]; Franceschini et al JHEP(11)-a1101 [LHC bounds]; Swain et al a1104 [cross-section growth with energy]; Castillo-Felisola et al MPLA(14) [torsion and LHC data].
@ Other lab-based: Frank et al PLB(04), Alexandrov G&C(08) [neutron scattering]; Liu et al MPLA(08)ht/07 [helium-like ions]; Boada et al PRL(12) [simulation with internal degrees of freedom of atoms trapped in an optical lattice]; de Woul et al PLB(12) [analogy with carbon nanotubes]; Gato-Rivera a1503-proc [precision molecular spectroscopy and constraints on extra dimensions]; Dahia & Lemos PRD(16)-a1509 [constraints from atomic spectroscopy]; Chakraborty & Dadhich EPJC(18)-a1605 [gravitational potential]; > s.a. tests of newtonian gravity.

Astrophysics and Cosmology > s.a. brane cosmology; cosmology in modified gravity; kaluza-klein phenomenology.
@ Black holes: Psaltis PRL(07) + pw(07)may [age of black hole XTE J1118+480]; Kavic et al JCAP(08)-a0801 [exploding primordial black holes]; Simonetti et al ApJL(11)-a1010 + news ns(11)aug [black-hole-pulsar binaries]; Chakraborty et al a1710 [quasinormal modes]; news sn(18)oct [evaporating black holes].
@ Other astrophysics: Barger et al PLB(99)hp [Kaluza-Klein with large extra dimensions]; Yu & Ford PLB(00) [spectral line broadening]; Barnafoldi et al AN(07)-a0706 [compact stars]; Briet & Hobill a0801 [gravitational lensing]; Yu et al JCAP(17)-a1607 [compact binaries]; > s.a. astrophysics.
@ Cosmology: Im et al JHEP(18)-a1707 [inflationary tensor modes].
@ Related topics: Gunther & Zhuk G&C(99); Sahni & Shtanov IJMPD(08)gq/06 [artificial planetary system APSIS]; news ns(17)may [propagation of gravitational waves]; Pardo et al JCAP-a1801 + news sn(18)feb [evidence against large extra dimensions from GW170817].
> Related topics: see gravitational waves; models of topology change; tests of general relativity [solar system].

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