Extrasolar Systems – Theory and Related Topics  

Theory of Extrasolar Systems > s.a. tests of general relativity with orbits [ranging and periastron precession].
@ Planetary dynamics: Laughlin & Chambers ApJL(01)ap; Fabrycky a1006-ch.
@ Formation: Armitage & Hansen Nat(99)ap; Ruden in(99)ap; Veras & Armitage MNRAS(04)ap/03 [migration]; Ford ap/05-conf [rev]; Laughlin AS(06)sep-oct; Armitage ap/07-ln; Lin SA(08)apr; Millan-Gabet & Monnier a0902-rp; Meyer pw(09)nov; Perets a1001/ApJ [second-generation planets]; Abt PASP(10)-a1008; Nayakshin IAU-a1012 ["tidal downsizing" hypothesis]; Armitage 10 [+ study guide]; Mordasini et al a1012-proc [theory, rev]; news pw(11)jun [migration]; Baruteau & Masset LNP-a1203 [rev]; Youdin & Kenyon a1206-ch; Zhou et al RAA(12)-a1207 [rev]; Garaud et al ApJ(13)-a1209 [from dust to planetesimals]; Chatterjee & Tan a1306/ApJL [inside-out formation]; Jansson & Johansen A&A(14)-a1408 [cm-sized pebbles]; Adibekyan a1701-conf [role of stellar metallicity and chemistry].
@ Properties and evolution: Burrows et al RMP(01)ap [giants]; Rubenstein AS(01)jan [and star superflares]; Léger et al Icarus(04)ap/03 [ocean planets?]; Tremaine & Zakamska AIP(04)ap/03 [eccentricity]; Beer et al MNRAS(04)ap [compared to Solar System]; Marchi ApJ(07)-a0705 [taxonomy]; Soter AS(07); Chabrier et al IAU(10)-a1012; Veras & Moeckel MNRAS(12)-a1206 [stellar close encounters and planet disruption]; Mordasini et al A&A(12)-a1206.

Habitability > s.a. civilizations.
@ Books and reviews: Cole 06 [intro book].
@ Astrobiology: Crawford IJAB-a1703 [intellectual and social benefits].
@ Habitable zones: Jones et al ApJ(05)ap ["Earths"]; González in(05)ap; Beichman et al ap/06 [search for life, rev]; Raymond ApJL(06)ap [and giant planets]; Gaidos et al Sci(07)-a0710; Jones IJAB-a0901; Kaltenegger et al AB(10)-a0906 [characterizing target stars]; Jones & Sleep MNRAS(10)-a1006 [transiting systems]; Shchekinov et al a1404; Goldblatt a1603-proc; Bolmont et al A&A(16)-a1604 [habitability of planets on eccentric orbits]; Gobat & Hong A&A(16)-a1605 [evolution of galaxy habitability]; Lingam & Loeb IJAB(17)-a1707 [likelihood of life].
@ Terrestrial planets: Charbonneau & Deming a0706-rp; Valencia et al ApJL(07)-a0710 [plate tectonics in super-Earths]; Haghighipour AS(08)#4 [around binary stars]; news PHL(11)aug [planetary habitability classification scheme]; Forget IJAB(13)-a1212 [probability of habitable planets]; Bolmont et al ApJ(14)-a1404 [the Kepler-186 system]; Zackrisson et al ApJ(16)-a1602 [estimates].
@ Binary or multiple systems: Haghighipour ASP-a0710 [binary systems]; Mueller & Haghighipour ApJ(14)-a1401 [multiple star systems].
@ Special types of systems: Kaltenegger et al a1108/A&A [habitable planet around HD 85512?]; Kilic et al a1309 [around white dwarfs]; Steffen & Li ApJ(16)-a1511 [life in multihabitable planetary systems].

Special Topics > s.a. civilizations.
@ Exoplanet atmospheres: López-Morales a1012-proc; Heng AS(12)#4; Knutson PT(13)jul; Helling et al PSS(12)-a1207 [lightning]; Kreidberg et al Nat(14)jan-a1401 [clouds on GJ 1214b].
@ Exomoons, theory: Simon et al A&A(07)-a0705 [properties]; Kipping et al a0911-proc [habitable]; Liebig & Wambsganss A&A(10)-a0912 [as gravitational microlenses]; Kaltenegger ApJL-a0912 [habitability]; Namouni ApJL-a1007 [fate]; Kipping PhD(11)-a1105 [in transiting planets]; Kipping a1405-proc; Heller et al AB(14)-a1408; Hippke ApJ(15)-a1502; Barr AR(17)-a1701 [formation, Solar System perspective].
@ Exomoons, detection: Szabo et al A&A(06)ap; Lewis PhD-a1109 [detectability]; news SA(12)feb, Awiphan & Kerins MNRAS(13)-a1304 [using the Kepler spacecraft]; Noyola et al ApJ(14)-a1308 [from modulation of planetary radio emissions]; Heller ApJ(14)-a1403 [method]; news sn(17)jul [is Kepler 1625b i the first exomoon detected?]
@ Rogue planets: Abbot & Switzer ApJL(11)-a1102 [habitable planets in interstellar space]; news NG(11)aug [from supernova survivors].
@ Other topics: Foot PLB(99)ap [mirror planets?]; Frisch et al ap/02 [galactic environment]; Ardila SA(04)apr [minor objects]; Jura AJ(05)ap [comet detection]; Kosso SHPSA(06) [observation vs inference]; Reid ap/06-conf [and galactic populations]; Ehrenreich & Cassan AN(07)-a0704 [oceans]; Zuckerman et al ApJ(10)-a1007 [around white dwarf stars]; Singal a1405 [tidally-locked planets]; Lin & Loeb ApJL(14)-a1408 [finding rocky asteroids around white dwarfs]; Lund a1603 [and astrology :-)].

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