In General
* Idea: The emission of sharp (~10−11 s) light pulses from air bubbles (the presence of ∼1% Ar seems to be crucial) in water (works best) bombarded by ultrasonic waves (at room p and T); The duration is 35–850 ps for various gases, and for all colors; The spectrum is featureless from 185 to 850 nm at least.
* Origin: 1997, Still unexplained, possibly due to thermal Bremsstrahlung by electrons in the plasma created by the shock wave from the collapsing bubble; 2000, Evidence for molecular excited states; 2003, Bremsstrahlung mixed with black body radiation; 2005, Plasma seen, T up to 20,000 K.
* Applications: 1996, film Chain Reaction with Keanu Reeves; 2002, Controversial claims that D atoms fused to make T when gas bubbles in deuterated acetone collapsed to generate temperatures of millions of degrees in `sonoluminescence' experiments; Timing calibration of photmultipliers in SNO experiment.
@ Experiments: Barber et al PRP(97) [rev]; Lohse et al PRL(97) + pn(97)jun [Ar]; Hiller et al PRL(98); Flannigan & Suslick Nat(05)mar + pw(05)mar; news pw(11)apr [record-breaking, 100-W flash].
@ Single-bubble SL: Holt et al PRL(94) [chaotic behavior]; Gaitan et al PRE(96); Holt & Gaitan PRL(96); Slotta & Heinz PRE(98)qp/97 [structure]; Greenland CP(99); Brenner et al RMP(02).

@ General references: Crum PT(94)sep; Schiffer qp/97 [superradiance]; Buzzacchi et al qp/98 [QED]; Chodos & Groff PRE(99)hp/98 [hep]; Schewe PT(02)sep [energy].
@ And Casimir effect: Eberlein PRL(96); Carlson et al PRD(97)ht; Milton & Ng PRE(97)ht/96, PRE(98)ht/97; Brevik et al PRL(99)ht/98; Liberati et al JPA(00)qp/98, PRD(00)qp/99, PRD(00)qp/99, qp/99-conf; Nesterenko & Pirozhenko JETPL(98)ht.
@ Other: Putterman SA(95)feb; Visser et al PRL(99) [QED vacuum]; Jensen & Brevik PRE(00)qp/99 [transition radiation]; Motyka & Sadzikowski phy/99 [atomic collisions]; Taleyarkhan et al Sci(02)mar [fusion?]; Didenko & Suslick Nat(02)may [chemical origin]; news pw(11)may [100-W brightness record]; Aparicio et al PhyA(14)-a1408 [as a phase transition from ordinary fluorescence to a superradiant phase].

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