Acceleration Radiation  

Bremsstrahlung > s.a. electromagnetism; particle effects; Stückelberg Mechanics.
* Idea: Radiation emitted by an accelerated electric charge.
* Fields: If one solves the wave equation in terms of advanced and retarded radiation fields, one can separate

AC:= \(1\over2\)(Areta + Aadva) ,      AR:= \(1\over2\)(AretaAadva) ;

The first one produces the Coulomb field, the second one is responsible for radiation reaction.
* Larmor equation: The rate of energy loss for an accelerated non-relativistic charged particle is \({\rm d}E/{\rm d}t = 2q^2({\rm d}v/{\rm d}t)^2/3c^3\).
* Examples: Synchrotron radiation.
* Issue in curved spacetime: When a charge is in free fall in a gravitational field, does it radiate or not? The answer is that a local detector, falling with it, would not detect radiation, but a distant one not falling with it would.
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@ Extremely relativistic: Gerlach FP(03)gq; Cardoso et al PRD(03)gq; > s.a. scattering.

Other Mechanisms and Related Topics > s.a. unruh effect \ radiation.
* Freely falling particle in a gravitational field: An observer falling freely with the particle will not observe radiated electromagnetic waves, but an observer with respect to whom the particle is accelerating will observe radiation.
@ Other mechanisms: Iso et al PRD(17)-a1704 [entanglement-induced quantum radiation].
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@ And self-force: Hirayama & Hara PTP(00)gq/99; Burko AJP(00)may-gq/99.

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