Finsler Geometry and Physics  

In General > s.a. doubly special relativity [DSR]; path integrals; Very Special Relativity.
* Motivation: A Finsler structure is one possible way to model a small-scale breaking of Lorentz invariance.
@ General references: Bekenstein PRD(93)gq/92; Golestanian et al CQG(95); Asanov RPMP(01)mp/00 [T violation]; Stavrinos & Diakogiannis gq/02 [and anisotropy]; Asanov gq/02 [rotational symmetry violation], FPL(02)gq [and Michelson-Morley experiments], gq/02 [kinematic transformations]; Noskov G&C(04), G&C(04); Lämmerzahl et al GRG(09)-a0811 [and experiment]; Pfeifer IJGMP(19)-a1903 [rev].
@ Mechanical systems: Kozma & Ootsuka a1408 [general Lagrangian theories].
@ Quantum theory: Liang et al PRD(19)-a1910 [quantum mechanics, hydrodynamical representation]; > s.a. origin of quantum theory.
@ Spinors: Bogoslovsky & Goenner PLA(04)ht [Dirac equation]; Solov'yov JMS(11)-a0906 [Finslerian 3-spinors].
@ Theories with Lorentz-symmetry violation: Kostelecký PLB(11)-a1104; Chang & Wang EPJC(13)-a1302 [anisotropy]; Russell proc(14)-a1308; Silva & Almeida PLB(14)-a1312 [matter in bipartite spaces]; Schreck EPJC(15)-a1405 [relativistic point fermion]; Silva et al PLB(19)-a1907 [bipartite-Finsler spacetimes]; > s.a. modified lorentz symmetry.
@ Electrodynamics: Voicu-Brinzei & Siparov a0905; Voicu PIER(11)-a1012; Pfeifer & Wohlfarth PRD(11)-a1104 [and causal structure]; Itin et al PRD(14)-a1411 [modification of the Coulomb law]; > s.a. geometric formulation of maxwell's theory.
@ Other field theory: Beil FP(03); Brandt ht/04-conf [quantum fields]; Sindoni PRD(08)-a0712 [and Higgs mechanism]; Sarkar JPCS(11)-a1012 [and CPT violation]; Pfeifer & Wohlfarth PLB(12)-a1109 [superluminal propagation of scalars–and fermions?]; Minguzzi RPMP(17)-a1508 [divergence theorem]; Silva et al PLB-a1511 [scalar field in Randers spacetime]; Silva a1602 [symmetries]; Edwards & Kostelecký PLB(18)-a1809 [Lorentz-violating field theories]; Silva a2009 [and Standard Model extensions].
@ Specific systems and phenomenology: Gutkin & Tabachnikov JGP(02) [billiards]; De ht/03 [and hadrons]; Duval CMP(08)-a0707 [geometrical optics on Finsler manifold]; Li & Chang a1010 [symmetry and kinematics in constant-curvature spacetimes]; Exirifard a1302 [light-speed anisotropy]; Koibuchi & Sekino PhyA(13) [Finsler geometric surface models, and anisotropic membranes].

Gravity and Spacetime Structure > s.a. chaos in bianchi models; history of relativistic gravity.
* Berwald spacetimes: Finsler spacetimes that are closest to pseudo-Riemannian spacetime geometry.
@ Reviews: Tavakol IJMPA(09); Balan et al JModP(12)-a1111.
@ Spacetime structure: Randers PR(41); Bogoslovsky & Goenner PLA(98)gq, GRG(99)gq [generalized Lorentz transformations]; Liu ht/98, CSF(01), CSF(01)ht/98, CSF(01) [modified special relativity]; Caponio et al RMI(11)-a0903, AHP(10)-a0903 [and Lorentzian causality]; Gallego Torromé a0906 [Randers spacetime]; Skákala & Visser CQG(11)-a1012 [causal structure as parameterized Randers geometry]; Javaloyes & Sánchez IJGMP(14)-a1311; Hohmann a1403-in [as observer-dependent geometry]; Minguzzi RPMP(16)-a1412 [on the definition of Finsler spacetime]; Minguzzi CQG(15)-a1502 [Raychaudhuri equation and singularity theorems]; Voicu (RG)-a1507 [volume forms]; Minguzzi JGP(17)-a1601 [special coordinate systems]; Minguzzi CMP(17)-a1702, PRD(17)-a1702 ["affine sphere relativity", geometry as measure and order]; Lämmerzahl & Perlick IJGMP(18)-a1802-proc; Gallego Torromé a2012; > s.a. singularity theorems; spacetime boundaries; spacetime models.
@ And observers: Pfeifer PRD(14)-a1408 [radar experiment]; Pfeifer & Wohlfarth MG13(15)-a1801 [and measurements]; Bernal et al Univ(20)-a2003.
@ Berwald spacetimes: Roxburgh et al Tensor(92); in Bao et al 00; Gallego Torromé IJGMP(17)-a1606; Fuster et al PRD(18)-a1804 [and very special relativity]; Pfeifer a1909; Fuster et al Univ(20)-a2003 [metrizability]; Hohmann et al Univ(20)-a2003 [homogeneous, isotropic].
@ Light cone structure: Minguzzi CMP(14)-a1403 [and reverse triangle inequality], JPCS(15); Javaloyes & Sánchez a1805.
@ Geodesics: Perlick GRG(06)gq/05 [and Fermat principle]; Latifi JGP(07) [homogeneous]; Minguzzi & Suhr a1903 [regularity results].
@ Modified dispersion relations: Girelli et al PRD(07)gq/06; Lobo et al PRD(17)-a1611.
@ Gravity: Ikeda AdP(90); Beil IJTP(92) [gauge transformations]; Yazaki IJMPD(94) [+ other interactions]; Panahi NCB(03)gq [Lorentzian geometry]; Huang a0710 [proposal]; Voicu AIP(10)-a0911 [Hilbert action and Einstein equation]; Vacaru PLB(10)-a1003; Skákala PhD(11)-a1107 [pseudo-Finsler extensions of general relativity]; Pfeifer & Wohlfarth PRD(12)-a1112, a1210-proc [dynamics, and coupled matter]; Barletta & Dragomir FP(12); Rivas JPCS(13)-a1203; Minguzzi RPMP(16)-a1412 [Beem's Lagrangian and uniqueness of Finsler spacetime theories]; Exirifard JCAP(15)-a1509 [Randers geometry as MOND/dark matter]; Hohmann et al PRD(19)-a1812 [action].
@ Astrophysics and cosmology: Arik & Ciftci G&C(03) [cosmological model]; Kouretsis et al PRD(10)-a1003 [cosmological model]; Vacaru IJMPD(12)-a1004; Chang et al EPJC(13)-a1305 [spacetime anisotropy and galaxy rotation curves]; Li et al a1502 [anisotropic inflation]; Hohmann & Pfeifer PRD(17)-a1612 [geodesics in cosmological spacetimes]; Paul et al MPLA(18)-a1704 [cosmological solutions]; Wang & Meng PDU(18)-a2103; > s.a. cosmological bounces.
@ Black holes: Vacaru CQG(10) [from spacetime non-commutativity]; Silagadze APPB(11)-a1106 [extension of Schwarzschild solution]; Lämmerzahl et al PRD(12)-a1208 [symmetries, perturbations of Schwarzschild spacetime]; Li PRD(18)-a1805 [Finslerian Reissner-Nordström spacetime].
@ Other types of spacetimes: Huang Mo JGP(12) [spherically symmetric Finsler metrics of scalar flag curvature]; Lin IJTP(14) [spherically symmetric]; Caponio & Stancarone IJGMP(16)-a1506 [static], CQG(18)-a1710 [with a timelike Killing vector field]; Fuster & Pabst PRD(16)-a1510 [pp waves].
@ Specific theories / models: Beil IJTP(93) [and Kaluza-Klein theory]; Weinfurtner et al LNP(07)gq/06 [analog Finsler spacetime from 2-component BEC]; Mavromatos et al EPJC(12)-a1012 [supersymmetric spacetime foam in string/brane-theory]; > s.a. wormhole solutions.
@ Quantum gravity: Amelino-Camelia et al PRD(14)-a1407 [and curved momentum space]; > s.a. spacetime foam.
@ Related topics: Hasse & Perlick PRD(19)-a1904 [general redshift formula].

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