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Research associates and postdocs

  • Keola Wierschem (June 2015+)
  • Piyush Jain (February 2012–August 2013)
  • Aditya Raghavan (September 2009–July 2011)

Graduate students

  • Sudeep Adhikari (×2)

  • Lucretius Coleman

  • Huu Tran Do

  • Khagendra Adhikari (September 2014–August 2020): “Numerical Studies of a Quantum Spin Chain With Three-body Interactions”

  • Burkhard Ritter (September 2010–June 2014): “Characterizing Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata,” Doctoral Thesis; complete project available as a github repository.

  • Jin Xu (September 2012–May 2014): “Computational study of frustrated magnets and disordered bosons,” Master’s Thesis.

  • Megan Engel (September 2012–September 2013, cosupervised with Michael Woodside): “Energy landscape exploration of the folding processes of biological molecules,” Master’s Thesis.

  • Fabian Zschocke (May 2011–April 2012): “Néel to valence bond solid order in low-dimensional quantum systems,” Master’s Thesis.

  • Xiaoming Zhang (September 2009–August 2011): “A trial wavefunction approach to the frustrated square-lattice Heisenberg model,” Master’s Thesis.

  • Christopher Graves (September 2009–August 2011): “A generalized valence bond basis for the half-filled Hubbard model,” Master’s Thesis.

Undergraduate summer researchers

  • Michael Meiers (May–August 2013), supported by a Nano Undergraduate Research Award
  • Dana Boe (July–August 2013) supported by the Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science & Technology program (WISEST); see the 2013 Journal of Student Research [pdf]
  • Navjot Singh (July–August 2012), supported by WISEST; see 2012 Journal of Student Research [pdf]
  • Jin Xu (July–September 2011), via U of A’s Research Internship Program (now University of Alberta Research Experience)
  • Bernadine Jugdutt (May–August 2011)
  • Megan Engel (May–August 2009), supported in part by the Alberta Summer Temporary Employment Program

Undergraduate special projects

  • Daniel Pompa (August–December 2018)

  • Tyler Dauphinee (January–April 2013): “Cluster mean-field approach to the disordered Bose-Hubbard model.”

  • Kuo (Camilla) Zhang (January–April 2013): “Bond-bond correlations in the resonating-valence-bond description of a frustrated quantum magnet.”

  • Bernadine Jugdutt (January–April 2012): “Cluster Monte Carlo investigation of the 2D classical XY model.”

  • Sarah Nowicki (January–April 2012): “Modelling Electron-Positron Annihilation into Two and Three Photons.”

  • Tim DeWolf (January–April 2011): “Magnon dispersion and 2-magnon interactions in a quantum antiferromagnet.”

  • Thomas McElroy (January–April 2010): “Mesoscopic phase transitions in a 2-D hard-ellipse monte carlo simulation.”