University of Mississippi

ASTR 101


Monday, September 30, 2013

red bullet Today's Topics: Finish Ch. 5 (lecture notes):

What kinds of radiation do we get
from space here on Earth?

Optical Telescopes
Types of designs: Refracting and reflecting (Newton).
Performance: What to do about angular resolution.
Performance: See Orion with good light gathering.
Location: High places (1, 2, and space!), few lights.
Technology: Adaptive optics, interferometry.

Other Telescopes
Detect all types of waves and particles that we can get!
Different wavelengths: Radio telescopes.
Other types: Different kinds of particle detectors, gravitational wave detectors.
Other people: The role of amateur astronomers.

red bullet Study aid: Today's class summary.

Spaceweather; APOD; Heavens-Above; Clear Sky Clock; PhysOrg Astronomy News; The Sky at a Glance

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