Fokker-Planck Equation  

In General > s.a. Kramers Equation; stochastic processes.
* Idea: An equation describing stochastic diffusion processes, or the time evolution of a non-equilibrium probability distribution.
* More general formulation: The continuity equation

t ρ = − ∂a J a

applied to the stochastic evolution of a system on a manifold M of states, where ρ is a scalar density interpreted as probability density, and J a = ρ va − ∂b (ρKab) the probability current, with

va := limt → 0 t−1 ∫ p(ξ; x, t) ξa dξ ,

Kab := limt → 0 t−1  p(ξ; x, t) ξa ξb dξ ,

where p(ξ; x, τ) is the probability that the system will evolve from x to x + ξ in a time τ; we assume that similar expressions with more ξs vanish; notice that v does not transform like a vector.
* Applications: It is a central equation in the theory of brownian motion; Also used, e.g., by astronomers to find the general evolution of the orbits of stars in clusters or galaxies, and by population geneticists to describe random genetic drift.
* Note: In the theory of continuous-time, continuous-state Markov processes it is also known as the Kolmogorov forward equation.

References > s.a. brownian motion; phase transitions.
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> Related topics: see hamilton-jacobi theory; Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution.

Online Resources > see Physics Daily page; Wikipedia Fokker-Planck equation page, and Kolmogorov backward equation page.

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