In General
* Idea: A generalization of fiber bundles, in which the condition of a local product structure is dropped.
$ Def: A triple (E, B, π), with E, B ∈ Top and π: EB continuous and surjective; B is called the base space, and π the projection map.
$ Cross section: Given a bundle (E, B, π), a cross section is a map f : BE, such that π \(\circ\) f = idB.
> Other special types: see Wikipedia page.

Special Types
* Examples: The most common ones are fiber bundles (> see fiber bundles).
> Other special types: see Path [bundles over path spaces]; posets [bundles over posets]; sheaves.

Related Concepts
$ Bundle map: A continuous map f : EF, where E and F are two bundles, which carries each fiber of E isomorphically onto a fiber of F.
> Other related concepts: see Fibrations.

Bundle Gerbe > s.a. Gerbe.
* Idea: Every bundle gerbe gives rise to a gerbe, and most of the well-known examples of gerbes are bundle gerbes.
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@ In field theory: Carey et al RVMP(00)ht/97; Ekstrand & Mickelsson CMP(00)ht/99; Gomi ht/01 [Chern-Simons theory]; Carey et al CMP(05)m.DG/04 [Chern-Simons and Wess-Zumino-Witten theories]; Bunk a2102 [in geometry, field theory, and quantisation, rev].
@ Geometry: Stevenson PhD(00)m.DG.

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