Feodor Lynen Fellowship

As a former Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, I am eligible to host Feodor Lynen Fellows. The Feodor Lynen Fellowship is awarded to young German scientists who want to gain postdoctoral research experience abroad. If you think you might be a good fit for this award, I’d be willing to sponsor you and help you put together a strong application.

Graduate students

I’m happy to field enquiries about graduate student positions in my group. I may have an opening for one or two new students in the coming year. Whether you’re already here and as yet unafilliated with a supervisor or considering applying to the University of Mississippi, I’m open to talking about my research and about potential MSc and PhD projects.

If you do email me, I encourage you to provide a cv and academic transcript. It would also be helpful to see a list of publications, if you happen to have any, or a sample of your work, such as an undergraduate thesis or course project. Do keep in mind that I am a numerically oriented theorist. If you’re interested in experiment or pencil-and-paper theory, you may want to contact other faculty members working in this field; and if you have no experience programming, you may not be a good fit for my group.

Before applying, prospective students should be sure that they meet the admission requirements of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and those of the Graduate School. The GRE General (but not Subject Test) is a strict requirement. International students must demonstrate English language proficiency.

Be aware that our graduate program follows the conventional North-American academic schedule. Students generally start in late August, and our deadline for admission is January 15 of the same year.

Undergraduate summer students

I sometimes like to hire an undergraduate research assistant for the summer. The ideal candidate is a mathematically-inclined student who has (i) an interest in theoretical physics, (ii) at least some exposure to quantum mechanics, and (iii) a strong background in programming (preferably with a strongly typed, compiled language, such as C++ or rust, but python or julia will do).