Physics 709

 Prof. Gladden, NCPA Lecture Room, T Th 9:30-10:45

Welcome to Physics 709 with Dr. GladdenGladden Head Shot

This is a standard core course in Classical Mechanics, part of the graduate curriculum for Physics. In this course we will learn advanced methods of analyzing the mechanical properties and dynamics of particles, systems of particles, and extended bodies in both translational, bounded (periodic), and rotational motion. Toward the end we will learn Hamilton’s methods in classical mechanics which provides a fluid transition to concepts in quantum mechanics. We will cover Chapters 1-6.
The "Course Links" will send you to more details about the course. The one to check on a regular basis is "Course News and Handouts". This is where I will keeps a running list (blog style) of messages to you and post information, handouts, software, etc.  for you. Mechanics can be a difficult subject for many people. Do NOT wait until you are hopelessly behind and lost before you come see me!

Student Resources:

  • Lecture Notes: These will be made available to you on the News and Handouts page.
  • Text Books: I suggest reading the relevant sections both BEFORE and AFTER each lecture. For different perspectives, the Goldstein and Marion texts are also helpful.
  • My office hours: Make good use of these. If you come and see me when you are confused or having trouble, I know you are trying and can get you pointed in the right direction.

Some Details:

Instructor: Dr. Josh Gladden
Lecture: NCPA Classroom T Th 9:30-10:45
2005 NCPA
Office hours: By Appointment (email to make one)