This will be an informal workshop to discuss prospects to test the strong gravity dynamics of compact binaries with gravitational wave observations.

The workshop will take place at the Yerby Center, on the University of Mississippi campus.
It will last four days and revolve around the following themes:

Day 1: Astrophysics of compact binary populations

  • Compact binary formation models
  • Model selection with gravitational wave observations

Day 2: Spin measurements in compact binaries

  • Linking spin dynamics and astrophysics
  • Spin precession, binary morphology and spin measurements

Day 3: Strong field gravity and cosmology

  • Black hole spectroscopy, consistency tests, gravitational memory, recoil velocities
  • Cosmological measurements with compact binaries

Day 4: Signatures of new physics and exotic compact objects

  • Modified gravity
  • Tests of the Kerr nature of black holes and new physics