SPS Zone 10 Meeting Itinerary


Friday, March 31, 2006

----5:00 p.m.------Registration and check-in

-------------------Lewis Hall Room 109

----5:30 p.m.------Welcome, Acknowledgements, Introductions

SPS 2006 Lecture:"“Emergence of Spatial Patterns in Physical, Chemical, and Biological Systems"”

-------------------Dr. Harry Swinney

-------------------Lewis Hall Room 101

----6:30 p.m.------Barbeque Dinner

-------------------Kennon Observatory


Saturday, April 1, 2006

We encourage faculty representatives to make themselves available to discuss their graduate programs during the registration,

 break, and lunch times.


----7:30 a.m.-------Registration and check-in, Breakfast, Poster setup

--------------------Lewis Hall Room 109

----8:30 a.m.-------Welcome, Acknowledgements, Introductions

--------------------Student Research Presentations

--------------------Lewis Hall Room101

----10:30 a.m.------Break

----11:00 a.m.------Chapter Reports

----12:00 p.m.------Lunch

----1:00 p.m.-------Mystery Event

----2:00 p.m.-------Closing