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Muon g-2 Experiment Finds Strongest Evidence to Date Of a Crack in the Standard Model of Particle Physics, Pointing to Existence of New Particles or Forces

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Plot of the muon g-2 results
Muon g-2 Ring

The first results from the Muon g-2 experiment hosted at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory show fundamental particles called muons behaving in a way not predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics. These results confirm an earlier experiment of the same name performed at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Combined, the two results show strong evidence that our best theoretical model of the subatomic world is incomplete. One potential explanation would be the existence of undiscovered particles or forces. Professor Breese Quinn's research group at the University of Mississippi is playing key roles on the Muon g-2 experiment.

UMiss Press Release
University of Mississippi Press Release


UMiss Muon g-2 Group

Photo of Prof. Breese Quinn
Prof. Breese Quinn
Photo of Dr. Jason Crnkovic
Dr. Jason Crnkovic
Photo of Meghna Bhattacharya
Meghna Bhattacharya
Graduate Student
Photo of Baisakhi Mitra
Baisakhi Mitra
Graduate Student
Photo of Byungchul Yu
Byungchul Yu
Graduate Student
Photo of Dr. Jenny Holzbauer
Dr. Jenny Holzbauer
Former Postdoc
Photo of Dr. Alex Keshavarzi
Dr. Alex Keshavarzi
Former Postdoc
(Univ of Manchester)
Photo of Dr. Wanwei Wu
Dr. Wanwei Wu
Former Graduate Student

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