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Bubble Chamber Simulation


Subatomic particles are far too tiny to see. The Bubble Chamber is one way to visualize the tracks left by these particles. The tracks are made visible as a trail of bubbles in a superheated liquid that is about to boil. For a more detailed explaination please see the CERN web page.

This Java-script program simulates events in a Bubble Chamber. It will simulate one particle, the decay K- + p→Λ π+ π- (Λ→pπ-), and a Higgs decay in a Collider experiment (See Properties, under File). It also allows changes to the momentum and magnetic field, as well as track identification and momentum calculation.

It downloads in a zip file. To start the simulation either Double-Click on the file "Bubble1.1.jar" or from within that directory type "java -jar Bubble1.1.jar". It needs Java 5 (JRE 1.5) or greater. The Current version is 1.1.

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