Research assistant professor and director of Kennon Observatory

Department: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Work Phone Number: (662) 915 - 5627

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Postal Address: Department of Physics and Astromomy, 208 Lewis Hall, University of Mississippi, University, MS 38677

Teaching at OleMiss


213-214 (Algebra-based physics for pre-med students); 223-224 (Physics laboratory for pre-med students);

211-212 (Algebra-based physics for engineering students); 221-222 (Physics laboratory for engineering students);

621 (Advanced electromagnetism (Jackson) ); 614 (Advanced quantum field theory).

Astronomy courses:

101 (Large service courses, no laboratory), 103-104 (Large service courses including laboratory);

503 (Practical astronomy for teaching assistants); 504 (Stellar structure).

Astronomy laboratories:

• Coordination of all the 16 astronomy laboratories.

• Astronomical imaging program (honors 104 and extra credit program 103/104).

For details, check out the astronomy course home pages. They look pretty neat!

Teaching-related publications:

Image Taking with a CCD Camera. Text for honors projects.

Laboratory manuals for Astronomy 103, Astronomy 104, and Honors Astronomy 104. Text for laboratories, updated every semester.

Quantization in Loop Quantum Gravity. Review and introduction into the mathematical structure of LQG.

The Astronomy Teaching Assistant's Handbook. For astronomy laboratory instructors.

Research Information:

 Some of the fields in which I have worked are:

  • Higgs and technicolor phenomenology

  • Quantum gravity as a field theory, infrared divergences

  • The Gauge-Goldstone Equivalence Theorem

  • Taub-Nut spaces in axidilaton gravity

  • Quarkonium physics (B to J/psi, nu+p to J/psi)

  • Nonsupersymmetric extensions to the Standard Model: model building

  • Extraction of new physics from ttbar polarization at the Tevatron

  • The dynamics of chiral symmetry breaking: the role of instantons and four fermion condensates  

  • The cosmological constant and field theory in extra dimensional scenarios

  • Semiclassical states in Loop Quantum Gravity

    Here is a list of all my papers (with citations) on the net.