Astronomy 104 (Sec. 1-8)

Tests, Spring 2023

Due There are no (lecture or lab) classes on Fridays.
However, there are in-person tests four times the semester, at the same hour as the regular class, but on Fridays.

     Those students who do not pass (or do not try) this test will be offered a re-take by the price of lost partial credit.

 Anyone who does not pass the pass/fail test will fail the course!

The tests are multiple choice. Only the textbook may be used during tests, no internet use.
Students are responsible to inform the instructor of any conflicts as soon as possible so that a resolution can be found in time.

  • Missed tests will normally count as zero. If you absolutely have to miss a test, you need to (1) inform the instructor at the earliest time possible, (2) provide documentation why it is impossible for you to take the test. Do not expect any leniency regarding missed tests!
    The first three tests contain about 40-60 multiple choice questions.

    There is an equal number of questions on each of the following, only on the material covered since the last test:

  • The final contains multiple choice questions; about 60-70.