Physics Tutoring Center Schedule

Spring 2014

The Physics Department Tutoring Center is located in Room 104 (or 103A) Lewis Hall and is

available (free of charge) to all students enrolled in physics and astronomy classes.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00:00-9:00 AM          
9:00:00-10:00AM Sagnik De Sampath   Wanwei Wu  
10:00:00-11:00 AM Sagnik De Chandrima Chatterjee Chandrima Chatterjee Wanwei Wu Adrian Coleman
11:00:00 -12:00PM   Dr. Eschenburg   Dr. Eschenburg Sunethra D.
12:00-1:00 PM Nilmini Karunarthne Saeed Kamali Michael Jeandron Adnan Kabir Sunethra D.
1:00:-2:00 PM  
Ola Nusierat
Michael Jeandron Adnan  
2:00-3:00PM Robert Migliori       Ola Nusierat
3:00:-4:00PM Robert Migliori Nilmini Karunarthne Ukesh   Hector Silva
4:00-5:00PM   xxxxxxxx Ukesh
Adrian Coleman
Hector Silva
5:00-6:00PM Asami Nishikawa Kagen Adhikari Asami Nishikawa   xxxxxxxxxx
6:00-7:00PM Sudeep Adhikari Kagen Adhikari     xxxxxxxxxx



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