Quantum-Gravity Effects: Gravitation and Cosmology  

Gravitation > s.a. action for general relativity [corrections]; quantum-gravity phenomenology [including astrophysics]; semiclassical general relativity.
* Examples: The initial state of the universe; Correlations between cosmological and microscopic parameters; Amplitude-birefringent gravitational wave propagation.
@ General references: Amelino-Camelia et al IJMPD(10)-a1007-GRF; Rinaldi MPLA(12)-a1201 [rev]; Calcagni AdP(13)-a1209 [observational effects from quantum cosmology]; Woodard IJMPD(14)-a1407-in [and inflation, rev]; Liu et al EPJC(16)-a1607 [consequences of quantum metric fluctuations].
@ Vacuum excitations / fluctuations: Modanese RNC(94)ht [correlations], NPB(00)gq [dipolar], in(02)gq/00; Jaekel & Reynaud AdP(95)qp/01; Starodubtsev ht/03 [around Kodama's Chern-Simons state]; Modanese CQG(07) [with large virtual masses]; Yang PDU(16)-a1506.
@ Low-energy effective theory: Donoghue PRD(94) [leading corrections]; Giulini & Kiefer PLA(94) [attractivity of gravity]; Burgess LRR(04)gq/03; Hamber & Williams PLB(06)gq [constraints on corrections]; Tartaglia & Capone IJMPD(08) [internal viscosity and strain distributions, and cosmology]; Bjerrum-Bohr et al JHEP(14) [leading corrections to the Newtonian potential]; > s.a. effective quantum field theory; kaluza-klein theory.
@ Black holes: Padmanabhan MPLA(99) [and cosmology]; Gibson ap/03 [lP instability and turbulence?]; Vidotto et al a1609-proc [primordial black holes and tunneling into white holes]; Oeckl a1804 [black hole to white hole transition]; Maselli et al a1811 [probing near-horizon quantum structures with gravitational waves]; > s.a. black-hole thermodynamics; gravitational waves from compact binaries.
@ Gravitational-wave background: Polarski & Roche MPLA(05)gq [and lightcone fluctuations]; Gasperini IJMPD(15)-a1508-GRF [vacuum energy density].
@ Gravitational-wave dispersion: Bojowald & Hossain PRD(08)-a0709 [lqg corrections]; Moffat a1406 [and superluminal velocities].
@ Gravitational-wave birefringence: Alexander et al PRD(08)-a0712 [from string theory, Chern-Simons]; Yunes & Finn JPCS(09)-a0811 [and LISA].
@ Gravitational radiation, other: Ma PLA(98) [Károlyházy hazy spacetime]; Grain & Barrau PRL(09)-a0902 [spectrum]; Kent FP(13) [decay of wave coherence]; Calmet et al EPJC(16)-a1607 [modes with complex mass, effective field theory techniques]; Das et al a1807; > s.a. sources of gravitational waves.
@ Gravitational interferometry: Amelino-Camelia Nat(99)mar, PRD(00)gq/99, PLB(00)gq/99, gq/00, Nat(01)gq [noise]; Adler et al PLB(00)gq/99 [against]; Ng & van Dam FP(00)gq/99; Ng ht/00-proc, PRL(01)gq/00; Hogan PRD(08)-a0712 [holographic noise].
> Other effects: see constraint equations; differential geometry; entropy; inertia; modified newtonian gravity; quantum equivalence principle; wormholes.

Cosmology in General > s.a. cosmology and general relativity [varying c, G]; quantum cosmology; semiclassical cosmology.
@ Observable effects of quantum gravity: Bojowald & Morales LNP(04)gq/03 [lqg]; Bojowald JPCS(05)gq [early universe], AIP(07)gq; Szydłowski et al PRD(08)-a0706 [weak bounds, indistinguishable from Λ-CDM]; Amelino-Camelia & Kowalski-Gilkman ed-05 [r CQG(07)]; Marcianò et al JCAP(10)-a1004 [interplay between curvature and Planck-scale effects]; Bojowald NPA(11)-a1109 [in the very early universe]; Fabris et al IJMPA(12)-a1203-proc; Blasco et al CJP(15)-a1501 [echoes of the early universe]; Liu et al EPJC(16)-a1607 [consequences of quantum metric fluctuations]; Barrau CRP-a1705 [overview].
@ Perturbations: Ashtekar & Gupt CQG(17)-a1608 [perturbation spectrum and correlations]; Agulló et al CQG(17)-a1611 [effect of large fluctuations of quantum geometry]; Gielen & Oriti a1709; > s.a. cosmological perturbations.
@ Cosmic microwave background: Gratton et al PRD(00)ap/99; Di Stefano et al ap/01/ApJ; Elgarøy & Hannestad PRD(03)ap [not much effect]; Tsujikawa et al CQG(04)ap/03 [lqg]; Hamada & Yukawa MPLA(05)ap/04; Easther et al JCAP(05)ap/04; Calcagni a1709-proc [modulation pattern]; > s.a. cmb, cmb anisotropy and polarization; gravitons.
@ Cosmological fields: Martin & Brandenberger ap/00-MG9; Casadio & Mersini IJMPA(04)ht/02 [cmb vs black holes]; Hogan FdP(02)ap [quantum gravity galactic effects], ap/02-conf [fluctuations in inflation].
@ Quantum gravity and inflation / acceleration: Coule CQG(95)gq/94 [canonical measure]; Lemos et al PRD(03) [de Broglie-Bohm, chaotic dynamics]; Barboza & Lemos PRD(08); Afshordi a1003 [cosmic acceleration and quantum corrections to black-hole entropy]; Biswas a1308-GRF [pre-inflationary phase]; Calmet & Sanz PLB(14)-a1403; Calcagni et al JPCS(15)-a1503 [and observations]; Hartle & Hertog PRD-a1604 [predictions for local observations]; Perez & Sudarsky a1711 [dark energy from discreteness]; de Cesare a1804-PhD; > s.a. inflation and planck-scale physics.
@ Lqg and inflation: Bojowald PRL(02); Tsujikawa et al CQG(04)ap/03 [and cmb]; Bojowald et al PRD(04); Alexander et al PRD(04) [Kodama state]; Lidsey et al PRD(04) [and oscillations]; Date & Hossain PRL(05) [genericness]; Nunes PRD(05) [graceful entrance]; Grain et al PRD(09)-a0902 [inverse-volume corrections to tensor power spectrum]; Herrera PRD(10) [warm inflationary model]; news sa(13)jan [lqc and perturbation predictions]; Bojowald CR(15)-a1509 [rev]; Wilson-Ewing CRP(17)-a1612; > s.a. lqc.
@ Expansion: Moffat hp/01, hp/01 [cosmological constant]; Holdom PRD(02)ht [fluctuations act like dark energy]; Kempf gq/02-IAP [and lP structure]; Reuter & Weyer JCAP(04)ht [from renormalization effects]; Corvino & Montani MPLA(04) [fluctuations act like dark matter]; Fröb a1806 [one-loop quantum gravitational backreaction on the local Hubble rate].
> Effects on FLRW cosmology: see friedmann equation [corrections]; FLRW quantum cosmology; inflationary phenomenology.
> Related topics: see acceleration; dark energy; early-universe baryogenesis.

Cosmological Singularity Avoidance > s.a. geometry phenomenology [other singularities]; matter phenomenology[from collapse]; minisuperspace.
@ General references: Demaret Nat(79)jan; de Barros & Pinto NPPS(97)gq/96 [causal interpretation]; Husain & Winkler PRD(04)gq/03; Esposito et al JPA(06)ht/05-conf [boundary conditions on Euclidean 4-ball]; Biswas et al JCAP(07)ht/06 [and string gas]; Kamenshchik et al PRD(07)-a0705 [future big break singularity]; Oliveira-Neto et al PLA(09)-a0708 [curvature scalars and pilot-wave interpretation]; Elizalde & Haro JPA(09) [with perfect fluid]; Letelier & Pitelli PRD(10)-a1008; Kamenshchik CQG(13)-a1307 [late-time singularities, rev]; Gorji et al PRD(14)-a1403 [from Snyder non-commutative space]; Sakellariadou a1703-proc [three models]; Gryb & Thébault a1801 [cosmological constant superpositions]; > s.a. cosmology [big rip]; FLRW models.
@ Avoidance, Wheeler-DeWitt equation: Steiner & Wöhr a1001; Faizal IJMPA(14) [deformed canonical commutation relations].
@ Avoidance, in lqg / lqc: Brunnemann & Thiemann CQG(06)gq/05, CQG(06)gq/05; Ashtekar et al PRL(06)gq [big bang]; Bojowald & Kagan CQG(06)gq [with non-minimal scalar]; Sami et al PRD(06) [future]; Date a0704-conf [rev]; Bojowald PRS(08)-a0710 [pre-big bang fluctuations]; Corichi & Singh PRD(09)-a0905 [geometric perspective]; de Haro JCAP(12); Kreienbühl & Pawlowski PRD(13)-a1302 [FLRW model polymer quantum matter]; Rovelli & Vidotto PRL(13) [spin-foam argument, maximal acceleration].
@ Inhomogeneous models: Tarrío et al PRD(13)-a1310 [Gowdy models].
@ Observational consequences of bounce: Mielczarek et al JCAP(10)-a1005; Garay et al PRD(14)-a1308 [background quantum noise].
> Specific models: see bianchi-I quantum cosmology; Big Freeze; discrete models; FLRW models; gowdy spacetimes.

And the Cosmological Constant > s.a. cosmological constant; 2D quantum gravity.
* Wormholes and the Hartle-Hawking proposal: Gives a probability distribution f(Λ) ~ exp[exp(3πe2/Λ + ...)], sharply peaked at Λ = 0.
@ In Lorentzian quantum gravity: Cline PLB(89) [wormholes]; Farhi PLB(89); Strominger NPB(89); Kawai & Okada IJMPA(12)-a1104 [and the multiverse].
@ In perturbative quantum gravity: Moffat ap/96, ap/96 [non-equilibrium quantum fluctuations], hp/01, hp/01.
@ And quantum field theory: Kosower MPLA(89); Taylor & Veneziano NPB(90); Shapiro & Solà JHEP(02)ht/00, NPPB(04)hp/03, et al PLB(03)ap [renormalization, scale dependence].
@ And third quantization: Rubakov PLB(88); Fischler et al NPB(89); Cline NPB(90).
@ And wormholes: Coleman NPB(88), & Lee PLB(89); Fischler & Susskind PLB(89); Giddings & Strominger NPB(89); Klebanov et al NPB(89); Polchinsky NPB(89); Preskill NPB(89); Unruh PRD(89); Veneziano MPLA(89); Elizalde & Gaztañaga PLB(90); Fukuyama & Morikawa CQG(90); Giddings IJMPA(90); Loll et al NPB(06)ht/05 [causal dynamical triangulations]; Kirillov & Savelova JAp(13)-a1006, G&C(13).
@ Related topics: Wudka PRD(87) [quantized]; Greensite PLB(92) [stochastic quantization]; Carlip PRL(97)gq, CQG(98)gq/97 [density of topologies, Euclidean foam]; Gambini & Pullin PLB(98)gq [lqg]; Padmanabhan CQG(02)gq [small cosmological constant]; Jejjala et al PLB(03)ht/02; Alexander PLB(05)ht [relaxation, theta sector and Peccei-Quinn like mechanism]; > s.a. anomalies.

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