Dr. Igor Ostrovskii

[Photo of Dr. Igor Ostrovskii]

Office: 207 Lewis Hall
Email: iostrov@phy.olemiss.edu
Phone: (662) 915-1536

Research Overview

Condensed Matter Physics is a field of physics that works to understand both the macroscopic and microscopic properties of matter. In particular, it deals with "condensed" phases where there are strong interactions among the constituent parts. Solids and Liquids are the most common forms of condensed phases. Solid State Physics is a main part of the field of Condensed Matter Physics.

In recent years, the University of Mississippi Solid State Research Group has conducted a number of diverse experiments utilizing acoustical and optical experimental techniques to help us develop a better understanding of the physics of crystalline solids.

Our Research Group has laboratory facilities at both Lewis Hall (the main physics department building) and the National Center for Physical Acoustics (NCPA). Our laboratory facilities are equipped for a variety of electrical, optical, and acoustical Measurements. Additionally, we have access to a fully equipped Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy lab through our collaborators at the College Of Charleston, South Carolina.

Current Directions of Research

  1. Acoustic Waves in Multidomain Ferroelectrics: excitation and propagation.
  2. Interaction of Acoustic Waves with Ferroelectric Domains and Acoustical Memory.
  3. Optical and Acousto-optical Properties of Ferroelectrics and Ionic Crystals.
  4. Nano Acoustics: interaction of acoustic waves with nanoscale substructures.
  5. Applications of multidomain ferroelectric materials for transducers and actuators.