Hector Okada da Silva

"Chill - October", John E. Millais (1870)

"[...] Even he was modest, even he - Raphael that he was - was submissive. Let us therefore be humble before nature." ~ Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

"Waiting for someday when the ocean and sky / Will cover up the land in deep blue / Renaissance is over and I wonder: / Should I close my eyes and pray? / Always be the same?" ~ (Deep Blue) Angra


Although I do not read as avidly as before, I enjoy reading supernatural tales as escapades from Physics. I have read Edgar A. Poe, Edogawa Rampo, Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood and H. P Lovecraft. My favorite story by HPL is "The Color Out of Space". My favorite fictional book is "Gary Lineker's Book of Ghost Stories". It's very scary altogether.

Also, I am a fan of the "most important of the least important things in life", football. I am a supporter for Paysandu Sport Club, the most traditional and succesful team from Northern Brazil.